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Former President Moshe Katsav Released From Prison

.Former President Moshe Katsav was released from prison on Wednesday afternoon 21 Kislev, after the state announced it was not going to appeal the parole board’s decision to permit his early release. It was Katsav’s third request filed with the parole board, and he finally succeeded in being released early for good behavior.

Katsav, who served five years of his seven-year sentence after being convicted for assaulting women, was released on good behavior. His wife Gila and brother Lior were waiting for him when he left Massiyahu Prison.

Mr. Katsav will have to continue participating in the rehabilitation program designed for him by the prison authority, which includes daily Torah shiurim in his home community of Kiryat Malachi along with weekly meetings with a psychologist and social worker. The former president may not speak with the media and others may not speak on his behalf. He is also prohibited from serving in any post that includes having female subordinates.

Some public officials feel the early release is a disgrace, explaining someone of his stature convicted of such heinous crimes should be compelled to serve the entire sentence. In addition, women’s rights activists descried the decision to grant the early release. The prison authority explained its job is to determine if the prisoner meets criteria for early release, which Mr. Katsav did. The authority does not feel responsible to consider the fact he is a former president but to limit its decision to the factors that govern one’s release.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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