Pay To Rise For Millions As 19 States Increase Minimum Wage


mwaMillions of workers across the U.S. will see their pay increase as 19 states bump up their minimum wages as the new year begins.

California, New York and Michigan are among the states with increases taking effect Saturday or Sunday.

Massachusetts and Washington state will have the highest new minimum wages at $11 per hour. California will raise its wage to $10.

New York state is taking a regional approach, with the wage rising to $11 in New York City, $10 in its suburbs and $9.70 upstate.

Voters in Arizona, Maine, Colorado and Washington approved increases in this year’s election. Seven other states are automatically raising the wage based on indexing.

New York City fast-food worker and labor organizer Alvin Major says the increases will help many workers get by.



  1. hey #1 – you are a genius! the govt should lower the minium wage to 50 cents, so that you could hire every unemployed person within a 200 mile radius of your business. I can’t believe no one has come up with this genius idea of how to bring the unemployment rate down to 0!

    If you can’t afford to pay your employees a living wage, then you should not be in business.