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Jerusalem And Beit Shemesh Protests After Chareidi Female Arrested By IDF Authorities

1There were Eida Chareidis protests against the IDF on Nahar Yarden Street in Beit Shemesh and Kikar Shabbos in Yerushalayim on Sunday night the eve of 18 Teves with some participants working to block the streets to vehicular traffic. At least two arrests were made in Beit Shemesh.

Protestors took to the streets after learning a frum girl was taken into custody. Apparently, she failed to make the proper declaration regarding her religious status to receive a deferment from military service and taken into custody. It is explained she refused to sign on the declaration for technical reasons, which are not detailed and this resulted in her arrest.

MK Moshe Gafne has been working towards gaining her release, announcing on Monday morning that B’ezras Hashem she will be released from jail sometime during the day.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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