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MK Maklev Calls On Jerusalem City Hall To Return Arnona Payments Taken From Batei Medrashim

1MK Uri Maklev is calling on Jerusalem City Hall officials to return arnona property tax funds collected from batei medrashim around the city without the proper authorization. He made his remarks during a session of the Knesset Finance Committee discussing arnona payments and the fact that batei medrashim which have minyanim should not be compelled to pay, but should be categorized as shuls, which are exempt from arnona payments.

Maklev wants the city to return funds taken from batei medrashim and yeshivos, insisting these funds should not have been taken since they are in the same category as shuls.

Maklev stated “It is important to emphasize that you did not wish to see the dire plight of educational institutions and levying the money was in accordance with a legally incorrect interpretation of the law which we were led to the exemption from paying property tax for shuls which at the end this is not what was intended by the legislature”.

He added the city clerks simply saw the opportunity to bring in additional funds, and they preferred to ignore the reality of these instructions and their exemption status.

A city representative attending the session asked not to permit granting the request for yeshivos, citing these funds are critical to the city. However, the city did not prevail and the exemption was granted to yeshivos by the Knesset committee.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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