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Frum Man Assaulted At Monsey Wedding For Having A Smartphone

mMonsey resident 29-year-old Refael Koenig was beaten was using his iPhone to record a Spring Valley chasenah he was attending last week when suddenly, he was attacked for being in possession of a smartphone, Channel 12 News reports.

He explained to the media they began beating him up so badly that “I began seeing black stars around my eyes”.

Koenig accuses a fellow guest at the chasenah of throwing him to the ground and then beating him during the chasenah held at Yeshiva Torah V’Yirah.

“This is the first time in my life I am coming out in public because I suffered so much in my life from these extremes” adds Koenig. The attacker was arrested on charges of robbery and assault and released without bail.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. This is horrible, why can’t everyone keep to their own selves and stop commenting about having a smart phone. There are many people who need smartphones now days for work and stuff!!

  2. DEAR My brother Refael
    the guy who hit you is prob. a שלעגער or however you name it and his act must to condemned, if it was the was said (?)
    what you did is not to compare, you are a real מחלל שם שמים ברבים
    (i dont talk about going to police, i an not a ruv and i dont know, if its שייך to call to דין תורה)
    but why going to the media… why???

  3. Why would anyone invite such a violent animal to attend a chassanah and why was the assailant released without bail? To those who argue he should have suffered in silence, when you or your family are attacked by some deviate in chassideshe lvushm, perhaps we will observe you too suffering in silence? What kind of moron would not publicize such an assault to be sure there is no repetition of such behavior.

  4. I DONT believe this story at all! First of all, TOrah Vyirah is in Monroe. Second of all, even the frumest crowds there are people, be they family or friends,that have smartphones. Third of all, if there was a fight , I don’t believe people wouldn’t interfere.

  5. No-one has any right to accuse רפאל’s actions until they find themselves in his shoes:- i.e. Have also suffered a horrendous physical attack.

  6. There is always two sides to every story and then there is the truth. Apparently only one side is being reported here and the other side of the story and the truth is not being reported. So as The Donald would say, this is Fake News

  7. Time to put a stop to those people who believe justice is how they see it. The wedding is a private affair and it’s up to the mechitunim who rented the hall if they want a guest with an iPhone being removed. No one has the right to raise his hand to hit a fellow Jew . Otherwise we’re not better then the rotzchim all over the world.I am sure hashem is very unhappy with such kenuim.

  8. it is a shame that the frum people can not respect other members of the frum community who listen to other rabbonim who PERMIT the smartphone.

    It seems that the polarization of the frum community ‘grants’ permission to attack others who think differently. SHAME.

  9. What a fabulous Kiddush Hashem! I wonder, does this guy also go around beating people up for speaking Lashon Harah? For missing Sof Zman Krias Shema?

    If this guy is really into making the world a better place by trying to change other people, it might be a good idea for someone to buy him a copy of Mishpatei Shalom and show him the chapter on how to give tochechah.

    Somehow I don’t think “kanaim pogim bo” applies in a case where you see someone using a smartphone.

  10. I know Refael Koenig personally and he would never make up a story. all he does is make people happy he spends his days going to hospitals and visiting sick people. knowing him im sure he asked a rav before going public. The person who hit him is a violent criminal and must be arrested it would have been a bigger chilul hashem to be swept under the rug like nothing happened

  11. Some twenty years ago, I attended a chasuna in Yerushalaim. It was held at the Central Hotel, located in the “New City”, where Rav Yehoshua Leib’s and the Imrei Bina’s cherem against all musical instruments, save for drums, at the weddings weren’t accepted by all.
    In the middle of the dance, some nutty Breslovers, who did appear somewhat high, stormed the hall, started threatening the band and the groom, and then proceeded to physically assault them, all in the name of “kedusha”. People were in shock, but a bride’s relative quickly gathered few bachurim, who restrained and evicted the assailants. Those kept cursing in a language quite inconsistent with their levush and the purported “kedusha” they cared about, and attempted reentry and reenactment. All four were physically thrown out into the street, and it seemed that at least two would be requiring medical attention, while all four needed serious psychiatric help.
    Yes, there are idiots out there, who usually observe very little, but find an inyan that suits them, and go out of their crooked way to enforce it on everyone else. These are the people who argue with their hooves, rather than heads, and should be shunned by all sane Jews. Unfortunately, some are encouraged, or even employed as goons by “great rabbis”, who use them to intimidate, beat up, burn down, or even eliminate the detractors, opponents, and whom ever else they deem to be free-thinkers. The rabbi gets the results, while saying that these misguided youths misunderstood his words. Sadly, they usually comprehend the words better that others, and carry out the will of the “leader”.
    Before political correctness, such goons were known as storm troopers, and their leader as Der Fuehrer, but times have changed, and the thugs became kanaim, while the rabble rousers are tzadikei doreinu.

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