Join EFRAT In Saving Jewish Children



Dr. Schussheim, president of EFRAT sends a public message. “We are following in the footsteps of the Jewish midwives in Egypt who saved babies in the face of Pharaoh’s decree. We are doing our best to substantially increase EFRAT’s activities by saving as many children as possible over the next few hours. Therefore I am turning to each of you to become partners in our precious work.”

40,000 pregnancies are terminated in each year in Israel. EFRAT works tirelessly to support women, empowering them to continue their pregnancies despite their difficulties, by providing them with critical emotional support and practical help. With EFRAT’s active assistance 4,000 women are enabled to keep their pregnancies and have their babies each year.

EFRAT’s close support involves the offer of 2 years of practical support including: a crib, stroller, baby bath, baby kit of clothing and supplies as well as monthly packages of diapers, formula and food for the entire family.

Every shekel will be tripled. Save Jewish children! For details press here.

Hundreds of trained volunteers work for EFRAT providing daily assistance to expectant mothers. They are available to offer emotional support as well as help in accessing rights and benefits so that women can build a life for themselves and their children.

Continue in the path of the Jewish midwives

The Rabbinical Council together with Rabbis from all streams and communities speak out this week to highlight the midwives’ lifesaving work. They urge the global Jewish world to support EFRAT in perpetuating the midwives’ work in our times.

With the generosity of donors, EFRAT has initiated a matching campaign for Parshat Shemot. You have until Monday 10pm EST to donate to EFRAT. During this time each shekel donated will be tripled. In effect, over the next hours saving one baby equals saving three babies!

Join EFRAT in saving Jewish children. Press here.