Leave Jared and Ivanka Alone!


ivanka_jaredAn Op- Ed by Nachum A. Neuman

Of late people have been asking what the heter was for Jared and Ivanka to be driven on Shabbos night and to enter a church on Shabbos day. The media reported that they received Rabbinic dispensation for the former. Perhaps they also received it for the latter, but it was not reported. We shouldn’t be talking about it, however.

Obviously, their Rabbi felt that there was danger to life involved, and we get heterim all the time to be driven by car by a gentile on the way back from the hospital and such. True, we may not agree with it and from our perspective one can never go into a house of avodah zarah. But, regardless, are we perfect?

The Gemorah tells us in Bava Metzia (107b) k’shot atzmecha v’achar-kach k’shot acheirim, fix yourself first – before you go about fixing others.

Isn’t there tons of talking in shul? Isn’t there tons of lashon harah that we do? Are we all reporting every dime of our income? Are we lying about our income so we can pay less tuitions?

Are we truly giving as much tzedakah as we should be giving? Why are our children’s teachers and Rebbeim barely paying their heat and electric bills, while we are out on ski vacations over winter break?
And what about all the bitul Torah? Are we all learning every day and every night?

Ivanka is serious about her keeping Shabbos. She really is. Jared while he was in Frisch and later too was serious about his spiritual growth. Are we?

We really need to stop this “halacha police” thing and move on with our lives. We don’t know what calculations are behind certain decisions and we should not be back seat drivers on all this. Perhaps Mr. Trump is not the sweet heart that we think he is and sometimes there are calculations that must be done when dealing with the most powerful person in the world.

They ask their questions to their Rabbis. Do we ask questions to our Rabbis as much as they do to theirs?

What we need to do is work on our own issues before we start pointing fingers about other people are behaving.

So let us stop being the nosy Gladys Kravitzes of the world. Let us rather hope and pray that Hashem gives Jared and Ivanka the strength to continue in their remarkable roles and that they continue to have the best interests of America and Israel in mind in all that they do.

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  1. True that. You can even say they meant it to be ??? ????. They even asked their Rabbi. Who are we to judge. Don’t make a bigger deal of it than it already is.

  2. The problem is that they being portrayed as having a “remarkable role” and this unfortunately makes them as a role model for our children what constitutes proper halachic behaviour. Therefore it is important to point out that they do not represent yidishkeit and we would be horrified if our children would want to emulate them

  3. there is legitimate, longstanding halachic precedent (based on SA Yoreh Deah 178:2) allowing a jew to violate halacha to facilitate/maintain close relations with the authorities (thereby ensuring that such relationships are in place when jewish lives may be at stake). as i understand it, this is the basis for many UK chief rabbis attendeding various services in westminster abbey over the years.
    there is a lengthy correspondence by rabbi michael broyde on this topic (defending rabbi h. lookstein’s participation in obama’s prayer service in 2009): http://www.hakirah.org/Vol%208%20Broyde.pdf

    whatever your opinion of trump, kushner, ivanka, etc., there is little doubt that kushner’s role as a close adviser to the president could have a direct impact on life/death issues for jews. on that basis, he would certainly qualify for the referenced ‘heter’

  4. While this is supposed to be a “yeshivishe website” when everyone acts and speaks the way one should, then they will be in a position to cast aspersions.

  5. Ywn: you are slowly going too far.. you’ve turned into a TV station showing every video out there including pictures of any woman. And what kind of an article was that re Jared and ivanka?? I have this niggly feeling your site will soon be “assered “

  6. I usually wouldn’t comment publicly on an article, but felt the need to make an exception in this case. Although I don’t know the writer of this article personally nor am I an expert in Halacha. I can tell you first hand he’s 100 percent right. There are many things happening behind the scenes to insure very important things for Klal Yisroel that will never be known. Best advice I would give everyone is to find another topic to discuss.

    Jason S Lyons
    Jewish Liaison Republican Party and Chairman of the U.S.-Israel Security Alliance

  7. i am sure his relationship with levi shemtov will be a good one
    and he will become a better yid after his stay there in Washington
    for those who dont who
    reb levi shemtov is

  8. Lips613 grow the up this is sussposed to be yeshivish if your so frum why you on the inyernet checking the news maybe chas veshalom you will see a picture of something you dont like
    Looks like you want it to be a yeshivish website means we all have to obey King lips613 moreinu are god this website doesnt need to live up to your standard if you dont like it feel free to go onto a diffrent one i love the yeshiva world and i think he post whats correct
    Shlomo66 hers the deal is he really the number 1 role model for yoy and your kids you dont have any other role models how old are your kids do they even know who jared kushner is are you trying to makke problems if you dont liie something he does dont bring it up in front of you kids
    And to gella how did the yesgiva world go to far he posted something you didnt like does he seem biased to you is he sounding like cnn or msnbc or are you a liberal monkey who thinks anything which has to do with trumps is not good for you the yeshiva world is here to give us story in a bakovdik away im sorry he doesnt live up to your standard if so take a hike and use a diffrent site

  9. While Mr. Neuman might have an excellent point and I don’t disagree with him, I love it when we are full of dayanim. Including Mr. Neuman. I for one have accepted that Jared has a valid heter for all he does. He’s bechezkas kashrus and I don’t question it. Especially since he publicized that he got a hetter.

    My problem is, public figures are role models for many of the illiterate. As such, there is room for discussion if illiterate will take it as halacha or we don’t have to be chushesh for this.

    Bottom line, You are no rav, nor are any of the commentators. Same as you understand nobody should judge jared, you shouldn’t either judge the public, Especially since you have no halachic authority.

  10. what a shame in todays day and time to write a statement like that. This is what happened in Germany . There were people like u who would say ” you dont have to be Jewish from the outside, only from the inside . There is a hetter to intermarriage with Germans because thats how i can get a high position in the government” . SHAME ON YOU GUYS , THIS IS Y WE LOST 6 MILLION OF OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, BECAUSE WORDS LIKE THESE .

  11. 2 points:
    1)If they violate Halacha in public they should not be called Orthodox.
    2) maybe we can now understand why the Rabbet in Israel won’t accept conversions made by the Rabbi that converted Ivanka [Nothing against her since she I guess her conversion was with this life style in mind, and now we can argue if it is a valid conversion]

  12. actually its a disgrace compared to everyone above. first of all going in the car isnt the main problem it was going to the ball in the first place. was it so necessary? even a rabbi in NYC was quoted as such. furthermore, going to a church and prayer service has many issues the trumps should have been taught having their daughter convert meant things were going to be different. also, who was this rabbi and how was the questioned asked so i know how to ask all my future shailos from now on.

  13. also comparing to Ivanka to Esther is wholly inappropriate. its a disgrace to queen Esther where she had the guidance of the posek hador and sacrificed her life on many occasions. this isn’t to say ivnaka isn’t sincere in her service but people think that they will solve the Israel problem and build the beis HaMikdash is rediculous.

  14. They touted their position as Orthodox Jews to the Orthodox masses prior to the election. Ivanka went to the Shul of Bal Harbour and publicly discussed her geirus. She discussed her shabbos observance with major publications. One can’t have it both ways.

    Furthermore, one should not allow very public acts of possible chilul Shabbos to just be ignored. If we are serious about our yiddeshkeit then it is incumbent to make clear to ourselves, our children and our community when something that is wrong and contrary to Halacha is done.

  15. Ivanka could do so much for Jewish people by dressing in a modest way, knees covered, arms covered,hair covered, no pant wearing, not going to churches, as her father will not be offended, it would be so so easy, so so good, but she is too scared to be Jewish, in the free USA, she is scared to be Jewish.

  16. Incredible. A voluntary decision to attend a party on Shabbat means that it can be violated because there will be increased danger if no driving occurs.

    I’ve heard of tortured reasoning, but this is a whole new level. That somehow her not attending the party will be detrimental to Jews. There are so many objections to this ridiculous chain of illogic, but I will limit myself to just one:

    There were no habitable residences within miles of where these parties occurred? They happened in the Arizona desert?

    Next to this, the Conservative movement’s position allowing people to drive to temple on Shabbat begin to seem almost reasonable.

  17. Who is the rabbi who considered going to a ball is פקח נפש. And you are מחלל שבת Friday night you end up take your children to church in the morning. I am sure Jared grandfather who was a holocaust survivor would have shepped nachas. Also this sets a bad example for people who have נםיון about shabbos to be מורה התיר for the ones not so

  18. They are not mainstream like must of us nor should anybody make them out to be that.
    The problem is when we say they are like us others may learn from them

  19. 100% correct> we MUST NOT judge people and certainly not publicly. And most definitely not when I am not fully informed of ALL the aspects involved. Just by the way, going in a car Shabbos, if the door is opened by a goy etc. is this ossur, not that I have ever heard of any Shomer Shabbos doing it? What to me [hakoton shebeketanim]is shocking is her mode of attire, or better said, the lack of it. So many females have a great Nisoyon in this area and if we are not moiche in the strongest terms, we encourage our impressionable folk to imitate & tolerate this shameful most disgusting zoine style of {un}dress for a true bas Yisroel. The above is in no way a criticism of her;do I know where she or he is up to? Most certainly not. It is our, Yeshivishe Hashkofo of a new matzav on the world scene which is very close to our interests and which is hard to avoid. May we all be zoiche to THE Yeshua very very soon.

  20. I find this entire dialogue absurd. They are truly smart, caring and wonderful people and their involvement in the Administration is a good thing, not just for yidden but for the country as a whole. At the same time, stop calling them FRUM, ORTHODOX, MO or whatever. They are observant of some mitzvot but are not selective about which ones, along the lines of traditional conservative. There was NO obligation for them to go to the balls. Indeed, they probably would have gotten more credit for staying back at the WH with the kids and light Shabbos lecht. There would not have been a pogrom if they simply declined to go, but that was not their decision. That’s fine, but to raise arguments of pikucah nefesh to drive to a discretionary event is beyond stupid and whatever Rav issued such a psak din should be embarrassed.

  21. zalmy actually lookstein got blasted by the rca so ur facts are not good also what life n death issues would have happened they dont have that right in america jsl dont comment also to say a chezkas kashrus is puzzling its well known they dated before she was hewish etc point is alot of softy jews that is reflected from the hashpah they got from the goyim

  22. Nochum, yeyasher koichacho. Thank you. All the haters, beshaim yiddiskkait, please learn a few Blatt in middle of gittin and remember what a taneh is remembered for.

  23. I totally agree with the “Yid”. That was my reaction too. I have no criticism of Jared and Ivanka as individuals They just can’t represent themselves as Orthodox because their behaviour is fact not Orthodox. You can’t go to an inaugural ball on a Friday night, dance with each other where Ivanka is dressed immodestly and attend a Church. I believe the President would have respected them more had they stuck to their principles That is why the the type of conversion she obtained is highly dangerous. Their desire to be with each other took precedence over her sincere desire to be Jewish. They embraced each other before they embraced their Judaism and therefore it is very tempting and easy to compromise their Judaic requirements. Their Gentile environment by osmosis will inevitably affect them and their children. May Hashem watch over the Jewish people and use them as interlocutors to protect us.

  24. Kiddish HaShem is the purpose of this world. All those who have to talk about them and their “heter” is called Loshon Harah I’m pretty sure. Only HaShem can judge not mortal humans who have limits in their knowledge. To all those disghusting people who call themselves “religious” just lost all their mitzvas according to Torah I’m pretty sure. They did not make any money for their appearances. If they didn’t show up it would just allow people to hate Jews more aka a Hillul Hashem. I’m not that religious I’m becoming more frum on my own and these types of people and comments real turns me off honestly. Because your all full of crap and hippocrits and shouldn’t be on the internet commenting and should be learning Torah if you guys care that much. Because you need to comment and talk crap about your own people is shameful. Only good will come for them that you will all benefit from so if you think they broke shabbos you can’t technically benefit from and new referendums because you can’t really have benefit from anything created on shabbos, right ??? So stop hating and spread love like Rabbi Aviva did when he paraphrased the whole Torah on one foot. 🙂 thank you all and I still love all my yid brother and sisters, just a little agitated by comments like that many of you have posted. Remember mashioch will come out of controversy like the story of Yehuda and the “prostitute” he slept with. Moashiach is clearly coming very soon so all those who lost all their mitzvot from Loshon Harah, got a lot of work to do, for the real judgement day. And just saying thank G-d you guys aren’t the ones represening the Jews in the face of the corrupt media because clearly you would create the whole world to hate us even more.

  25. Really she should not have been converted. Because she was not serious to be frum all the way and being converted for marriage is not right. But being that she has already been converted, let’s take off hats to her. She is keeping much more than many other converts who did it for marriage. I think it’s a mitsva to like the ger and surely her kids are ydden so let’s be carefull. She keeps quite a lot for the standards of her community. And forget about her hair and attire. This is the last thing a baalas tshuva changes, it is a very hard thing. Im ffb but had many customers not religious the last thing is to cover the hair. It is vefy difficult. Accept her the way she is; Be nice to her so she doesnt ban her child from becoming frum in future because she will remember frum people as……… And to people who say they have to explain kids, why are Jared and Ivanka on your shabbes table if you feel you cannot handle it? The church part I think could have been skipped from their itinerary but maybe all the people in their community would have unfortunately done the same. To me it gives the creeps. I had a choice of a course at a party room of the church or a very inconvenient time at another location in my corporation. And I was proud that me and another person chose not to do at the church party room although plenty were matir for us.

  26. I am just so awestruck by Ivanka Trump. She chose Judaism when she had everything in life already. It is so admirable.
    Regarding heterim, there are 2 possibilities. Either they got a heter, which is great, or they didn’t, which is non of my business. I have to worry about what I do and judge myself in a manner that will help me come closer to Hashem, not judge them. It is ridiculous and wrong to judge anyone else’s level of Yiddishkiet. Let’s all just work on ourselves. That should keep us busy….forever!

  27. The author is 100% right but all we’re asking is to call a spade a spade. Stop calling them orthodox cuz they’re obviously not.Orthodox people don’t dress or act like that. I know We are not the judges and God is . But he tells us what’s ok and what’s not. We are allowed to say what he/she did was wrong that’s not judging that’s stating a fact .The more you try to convince us that she’s orthodox the more people will tell you that orthodox people don’t wear strapless gowns and go to church. That is not judging that is a fact. They can be the nicest people just stare it correctly. THEY ARE NOT ORTHODOX.

  28. The fact that they want a heter means they care and yes I would marry there kids without thinking twice THEY ARE MORE OR SAME JEWISH THAN ANYONE POSTING THEIR NONSENSE COMMENTS

  29. i love how the true unintelligent ppl here an article written by a no namer n all those that agree apparently never learnt. first of all doing a mitzvah even though goyim will b mad or laugh is actually a kiddush hashem look it up second they are modern orthodox third its everyone buisness because of והיית נקיים וכל עריבים זה בזה just two name furthermore when goyim sees this n expects a hew to follow suit it can potentially lose ur job i lov

  30. Well written. Noone has the right to judge anybody else. We are not G-d. Let us work on our own self improvement and achdus instead of involving ourselves in other people’s affairs. That will truly benefit the world.

  31. Here’s my two cents. You can’t flaunt your Orthodox Jewishness and then turn around and get in a car on shabbos AND go to a church. You can’t tweet about how your lighting shabbos candles in the White House and putting up mezuzos for the first time in history and then go to church on shabbos in a car. You can’t have it both ways. Either you’ll be a frum Jew in the White House with whatever it entails or you won’t.
    Secondly if your gonna publicly get into a car on shabbos when you obviously have no medical emergency you gotta ask someone bigger than the rabbi they asked. I know who they asked. And frankly he shouldn’t have answered them. Now I don’t expect Jared to know better but if you want to understand why the frum world is offended well this is part of it

  32. I an not judging all the cynical people out there, unfortunately lots of jews look at everything negative even when its beyond their builds, you listen your rav GOOD FOR YOU! Jared listens to his rav GOOD FOR HIM! Theres no point on judging, btw JARED WE LOVE YOU!

  33. It is funny as people complain that YWN becomes not yeshivash, not tznius, not Jewish etc…and yet they still keep coming back. Do us a favor stay away from “treif” internet, and mind your own business. You think you are perfect???
    In regards to Ivanka & Jared they are Modern Orthodox, and yes, tznius level has nothing to do with being Orthodox. Orthodox definition is someone keep Kosher, Shabbas, and Taharas Hamishpochah. If they were driven by a goy on Shabbos and there was a heter from their Rabbi, so be it. It’s was her father’s biggest day in the life, and not to attend it would be disrespectful. So they did it they way it was mutar according to the Rabbi. And if you think First Daughter should be walking home on the day where wild people on street are so angry at Trumps is not considered Pikuah Nefesh, think again.

    If you go around Boro Park, Flatbush, Crown Heights you can see plenty Chasidishe women who dress not too modest, but yet everyone is picking on Ivanka.
    If you think Ultra Orthodox people hijacked Orthodoxy, it’s not so, so it’s not that you should not call them Orthodox, its you should call yourself Ultra Orthodox as what you are.

  34. Who ever believes they did a right thing is wrong. They have no priority to Yiddishkeit. It’s like a game, when I fill like keeping Shabbos or being a Jew then I will. The fact they went to a Church which is absolutely Assur, they don’t care about Jewishness.
    Mark my words they won’t keep Shabbos all together, as they will get a fake Heter. This is serious. She don’t act Jewish. But of course we should not give up on them. Maybe they might do Teshuva. But right now they are doing a big issur and we can’t just let it slip by. We must say it as it is!!!!

  35. Well done hashemisone72 and warning55 could not agree more many of these comments are causing the very reactions they are blaming the Kushners for

  36. The purpose of Jews learning Torah & observing Mitzvos is to bring the world back to the spiritual level that it was at before Adam & Chava did their sin, so that Moshiach can come. A non-Jew who converts for that purpose & goes through a Kosher conversion with a Kosher Bais Din gets a Jewish soul & becomes a Jew for eternity. Ivanka clearly “converted” only to put a “Hechsher” on her marriage. Orthodox Judaism is not just Kosher, Shabbos, and Taharas HaMishpacha. Torah observance comprises a package, with more Mitzvos than just those 3 Mitzvos. Yet, this woman is being held up as a role of model of “Ortthodox Judaism.” Why is YWN even posting this article?

  37. Thinkb4posting. If I wanted to see pics of women I’d go to ny post etc! Y are you getting so angry? I feel that it is not right to put pics of women! And I can assure you I’m no tzaddik…

  38. This article is an absolute disgrace! What the Kushners did was a huge Chilul Hashem and IT IS our responsibility to address it. Whoever says to “mind your own business and work on yourself first” doesn’t know the first thing about our religion. Ever hear of the Mitzvah D’oraydoh of Tochachah??? According to you we should just erase that from the Torah…

    Even if it is true that they got a Heter from their Rabbi, a lot of times Rabbis will give heterim if they see that they will do it anyways so at least it will be b’heter and not b’iser. They didn’t have to go. They wanted to go. If they would have not went it would have been a great Kiddush Hashem instead.

  39. So they get a heter for being driven in a car on Shabbos to parties. I get it. And what about pants- did Ivanka get permission a heterosexual to wear pants and other immodest dress? And what about attendance in church, is that also permissible?

    And TYW is very far from being a yeshivish site if you have an article complaining about the bashing of those who are mechalel Shanbos. I don’t care if you write at the end it’s not your opinion. Would you have a pro-Hamas article on TYW even though you don’t agree with their view?

  40. I came across this article on Face book. I am not a subscriber to this paper and I am not an Orthodox Jew either. I am not in a position to judge what Jared and Ivanka did over the inaugural weekend, however I was surprised that they received a hechsher to do so. In any event, it is their business to do as they see fit, and one thing I will be certain of is that they gave it much thought as to what would be in the best interests of the country, their families as well as their reputation as observant Jews. I am sure they considered the concept of Marat Ayin, and that is why they consulted with a Rabbi. In reading these responses and comments, one thing is for certain – comparing the observance of the general readership of this circulation to that of Jared and Ivanka is like comparing apples and oranges. Jared is observant and a very modern Orthodox Jew and Ivanka is a convert. Neither come from the background, or adhere to the same religious ideals as many of you do judging by the comments included here. They never purported to be inclusive in adhering to the stringency of Jewish observance and to quote Ivanka – they don’t do everything but do their best. I do not like Donald Trump but I do believe that Jared and Ivanka are the best of this administration and they will do right by Klal Yisrael regardless of anyone’s religious stripes – Orthodox, Conservative, Refiorm, Zionist, Secular etc.

    What does concern me is some of the comments that I read in this paper in response to this article. I understand that this is a “Yishevesh” paper, as many if you classify it, and I can appreciate it. I am no “lefty” but to include the poem about “Obama” is ignorant and racist at best. You worry about how the Kushner’s behaviour over the weekend may have a negative effect on the Orthodox/Jewish world. Some of the comments on here would have a far more devastating effect. Please think before you speak and do not allude to Obama and his “big black toe”. its time to enter the 21st century and try to remove the ignorance and racism. No one is benefitting from it.

  41. Leave them alone are you kidding get all of our faces I will leave you alone Stop claiming to be Jewish and doing everything that’s not Jewish and then making sure that everybody knows what you’re doing personally I couldn’t care less about you you’re not Jewish and stop trying to pretend that you are

  42. I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I do not think that it is appropriate to post photos of women on this site. We come here for kosher news – there is no need to distract our husbands, fathers and grandfathers with images like this.

  43. ” it is their business to do as they see fit”


    1) It ought to call the premise of Ivankas Geirus in doubt
    2)Jared’s brother who has been dating another model said he intends to convert her just like his brother did
    3) The Kushners flaunt their connections to Lakewood
    4)When you so choose to live and represent something in the public sphere every aspect of your life should be under the microscope

  44. I am not a very opinionated fellow and I do not usually leave comments on forums (I just signed up for an account to be able to write this comment), but this whole conversation got me really nervous.

    Many people are posting their own opinions and judgements. Even the OP is saying we should not be judging other people when we are not perfect ourselves. Although there is some truth to that, how would he explain the commandment to give rebuke if there is no person in this world who has not sinned?

    Whatever the case, I want to suggest that maybe we should not be having a debate over whether they have done the right thing or not, or if they should be rebuked. We are talking about the First Family of the United States of America and an advisor to the president of the United States of America.

    I know that in America today, it is common practice for people to write and say whatever they feel about anything, even about the president, and that is because of the democratic freedom that we are so blessed with, and that is what is being practiced right here.

    However, we are still in exile and who said that we should be saying what is being said over here? I’m no rabbi myself and I am just making a suggestion, but has anyone who posted their opinions, thought about what could be the repercussions of such a discussion? I cringe when I imagine the Kushner’s reading these comments. I think that even if what they have done was wrong and normally would require an outcry, only someone who is so knowledgeable in the truths of the Torah (not just someone who has a title “Rabbi”), could take on himself a weighty decision that it warrants a public outcry. However, it does not seem like anyone who posted here is of such caliber (please correct me if I’m wrong) nor that they consulted with someone of such caliber before posting.

  45. pardon Mr.Neuman ,

    What you practice is but pseudo modern orthodoxy
    and would set a dangerous pattern for the younger generation

    The late Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik said:
    We Jews have been burdened with a twofold task: we have to cope with the problem of a double confrontation. We think of ourselves as human beings, sharing the destiny of Adam in his general encounter with nature, and as members of a covenantal community which has preserved its identity under most unfavorable conditions, confronted by another faith community. We believe we are the bearers of a double charismatic load, that of the dignity of man, and that of the sanctity of the covenantal community. In this difficult role, we are summoned by God, who revealed himself at both the level of universal creation and that of the private covenant, to undertake a double mission – the universal human and the exclusive covenantal confrontation..
    The emancipated modern Jew, however, has been trying, for a long time, to do away with this twofold responsibility which weighs heavily upon him..
    Particularly when we speak of the Jewish faith community, whose very essence is expressed in the halakhic performance which is a most individuating factor..
    His covenantal uniqueness and his additional mandate to face another faith community as a member of a different community of the committed would not have interfered in the least with his readiness to and capability of joining the cultural enterprise of the rest of humanity..

  46. Thanks frum democrat – spot on. Some people believe that Jared and more specifically Ivanka are subject to the comments and judgement of the “religious police” while ignoring their own behaviour.

    It is time for Truth – in an effort not to be disrespectful, there remains a broad spectrum of Orthodoxy in this world, from the ultra modern to the very stringent. Try and pull yourself out of your insular world and realize that their objective is to live in the modern world while still trying to uphold all of their Modern Orthodox values. None of us live in a black and white world.

  47. sara lee,etc.,
    “..Orthodox values”
    Do you have a clue what are “Orthodox values”?
    Is a stew based upon whatever your neighbors and frenemies are up to?
    Make them up as you go along?Take a straw poll?
    Is based upon how many tanks you got? vox populi?

  48. It’s a big chillul HaShem, they are showing the world how Yiddishkeit is worthless and inconsequential. This is a huge problem. We must stand up and condemn their misdeeds. We hope they will chance and do Teshuva, genuine !

  49. It is time for truth – I married into a modern orthodox family and although not practicing any longer and my marriage ended, I have kept very close relationships with my orthodox in law family. I am not coming from a place of “not”, but that is not the point of my response. I have witnessed a very wide response to religious Jewish observance from the extreme lenient to the extreme orthodox. There are many expressions and Jared and Ivanka choose their own. The main point is that they will do well for the Jewish community in the Diaspora and in Israel and all of us will be better off for it. End of discussion for me.

  50. Thank you yzj for the lashon hara. I watched the ABC clip and no where is there does it show or talk about pictures that Ivanka or Jared took. The only ones that it references are ones taken by Donald Jr. who is not jewish (yet).

    This is what happens when everyone thinks they know best. Be dan l’kaf zechus and leave it to them and their ruv.

  51. Those who commented negatively about the Kushners need to know your comments are against Halacha and anti Jewish. So go ahead and judge them and keep your comments coming, what kind of heter, what kind of rabbi gave a heter, her level of modesty in her dress. It will do you wonders for you and your life and your relationships! Keep being negative! It will make you so happy that it will make you a better Jew. Hashem will love you more if your negative but your “yeshivish” . (Sarcasm)
    People the system is flawed and we should all work on ourselves to stop being so negative. It’s the negativity that’s anti Jewish and that’s what brings anti Semitism to the world and to the Jewish community. Yes there’s anti semitism amongst Jews. If you don’t know how to go to a therapist and learn how. It will improve your life so you won’t have to constantly look at everyone else. Orthodox, Chassidishe, Yeshivish, modern orthodox, conservative, reform it doesn’t matter we’re all Jews and we should love everyone. Love. The way Hashem loves you, the way you love your kids, your spouse, your family & friends. Because that’s what your Totty in Himmel does. He didn’t have to create us but he did because he loves us not so that he can punnish us. Judaism is not negative. Please, so many Jews have left the fold and have been turned off because of the negativity from comments like these. Go get therapy to deal with your issues so you can learn how to be a nice person and then smile that they call themselves orthodox. It’s a beautiful thing that they choose to be orthodox. Yes it’s a choice to be frum and to be Jewish and we must realize that and be kind towards all people otherwise you will drive them away and nobody wants to be the cause of that.

  52. By bent, you are totally wrong, I hate your speech. Firstly, they are going against HaShem by forgoing Shabbos and going to a Church. A Yid has to care, of course it doesn’t mean we should them. After all they are Jewish. Yet we must say it as it is, they need to understand their error, it’s very severe. We are not perfect, but Ivanka and Jered were too far from religious. It’s our business to stand up for HaShem sake, albeit Kiddish HaShem !!!

  53. Bent you have hit the nail on the head. Sorry yitzchakb you make too many incorrect assumptions . The issues are not as clear cut as you think lt is your business to put yourself in lvanka and Jareds shoes taking everything into account lncluding what they discussed with their Rabbi Then think about what his pesak was Then accept it even if you disagree with it. To all of you out there no one needs semicha from you to be a Rabbi what doesn’t look right to you is not wrong it’s your lack of knowledge of the situation and all the possible ways of approaching it so don’t go decide for others what you think they should do. Instead why not learn the various issues involved That’s a far better example to set your children l suggest some of your comments are not going to make your children love accept and appreciate other Yidden or anyone else for that matter as they need to to promote achdus and menchlechkeit

  54. Rav2- You are completely wrong and you are misleading people by having your account name with “rav” in it. Yitzchakb couldn’t have said it better. There is a responsibility for every Yid to stand up for Torah & Halachah. Who was their Rabbi? Did they mention a name? Even so, I’m not gonna say that I am a Talmid Chacham or even close to being one but I did learn the Sugiya and there is no way an Orthodox Rabbi gave them a Heter (especially to go into a church on Shabbos). All of this PC garbage about “loving everyone” and “accepting everyone” is making me sick. We have to love every Jew but there is still a Mitzvah to hate those who disregard Mitzvos (I am not saying that Jared & Ivanka are among the Jews that we are supposed to hate) but the whole concept of “to love & except everyone no matter what” is completely against our religion. There is Halachah and should try to dilute it with their emotions. Those who study Torah on a consistent basis should & will agree with me.

  55. Such hypocracy and bias in the Yeshiva world News; If only they said that with Open Orthodoxy ans Rabbi Avi Weiss…..
    SHAME ON YOU YWN FOR PICKING AND CHOOSING (Dont remove me for this)