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Trump Halts $221 Million, Obama’s Final Gift to His Beloved PA

obbiUS President Donald Trump has undone former President Barak Obama’s parting gift to his beloved PA (Palestinian Authority), a $221 million allocation. According to reports, the US State Department was able to halt the transfer in time. The allocation came under harsh criticism as it came on his last hours in office. Needless to say, republicans were particularly outraged by the move.

In a somewhat related matter, the New York Times reported on Wednesday that President Trump is preparing executive orders that would bring a halt to US funding to international agencies, including the United Nations, which support full membership for the PA in the United Nations. Yisrael Hayom quotes sources which state the Trump administration is planning to cut US funding to the UN by 40% in any event.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. #5 You should know by now, Arabs are known liars. Their imaginations are running wild as they generally do and actually see the money in their pockets. The truth is, Obama wanted to give it to them Jan 20, minutes before he left office. However, President Trump immediately put a freeze on it. So when exactly were they supposed to have received it?

  2. too bad all these self appointed askanim spent 8 years full of Chanuka’s running around with Achashverosh/Haman when the greatest president of all time was in Manhattan the whole time.

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