Jared And Ivanka Welcome Members Of Trump’s Cabinet To Shabbos Dinner On Friday Night


sFirst Daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner hosted members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet at their home Friday night for a “Shabbat dinner”, the Daily Mail reports.

In Jewish tradition, Shabbat is a weekly day of rest that begins Friday at sunset and ends Saturday after sunset.

According to the report, White House Director of Strategic Communications Hope Hicks, Trump’s nominee for the Department of Commerce Wilbur Ross and his wife Hilary Geary Ross, and Department of the Treasury nominee Steve Mnuchin and his fiancée Louise Linton were among the guests in attendance.

Also invited were Ivanka’s personal unofficial adviser Dina Habib Powell and husband Richard, and Gary Cohn, who is the former president of Goldman Sachs and President Trump’s chief adviser on the economy.

Chabad Rabbi Levi Shemtov was also seen at the residence Friday afternoon, said the Daily Mail.

The couple recently moved into a new home in Washington DC’s Kalorama neighborhood.

(Source: i24 News)


  1. Why all the obsession with this couple? It is not very Yiddish to idolize these questionably frum people. Please stop following them around and telling us every time they sneeze. It is not appropriate. They are not our gedolim.

  2. Good news is unlike Muslim loving Obama Trump will pardon Rubashkin. The only question is how soon. Obama let go thousands of dangerous thugs but not Rubashkin.

  3. Devora:

    The Kushners are 100% part of Klal Yisroel. That they are bringing their crowd, especially Yidden, to a Shabbos table, is a beautiful thing. Rabbi Shemtov is a tremendous marbitz Torah. May they all continue, and grow.

  4. @Devora just because a person is not just like you does not make them them any less holy in my book there probably more unlike you they have pride in there fellow Jew. The Torah cautions us in thirty-six places to treat a ger properly. Whether you like it or not that are now “royalty” and the whole world is fascinated by them and they are marking a big kiddish hashem and you and your children should be proud of them.

  5. devora (comment#1): devora, i see where you’re coming from. while it might be true that the kushners are “not our gedolim” and it might also be true (to some people) that they are “questionably frum”, i think you should look at this from another perspective. the reaosn they are being followed around has very little to do with them being jewish. it has more to do with them being part of the “first family”. but, devora, think of it this way: think of the undecided, unaffiliated, jew, who is “sitting on the fence” trying to decide which way to go. would you not agree that a story like this would have a positive impact on such a person? i don’t think we’ve ever had in our history a jewish “first daughter, a jewish “first son in law” along with their jewish family. while a person like you only gets chizuk from our “gedolim”, there are others out there, i’m sure, who get chizuk the goings on of ivanka (yael) & jared kushner & family.

  6. #1–I think anyone who would willingly violate something that’s mentioned 36 times in torah via a public forum like ywn is “questionably frum.”

  7. It is nice to see that the “first yiddeshe couple” relied upon Rav Shemtov of Chabad in D.C. to coordinate the dinner. A good Chassideshe hashgacha has been and will continue to be the gold standard of Kashruth for American yidden.

  8. Fso beautiful. It is a kiddush leshem to see this at this level of government. Every Jew has that pintele yid. There are those of us who are so much better than others, that they would criticize this. Let’s be humble and very frateful that we have Trump in the White House, instead of the arab loving Hillary. Then there would have been tzorus. This is anmiracle from Hashem.

  9. no 2 with a great point. we need to rally the kushners through the chabad rabbis that he obviously has relationships with to at least commute rubashkins (who is one of their own) sentence.