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Jerusalem Municipality Launches a Strike

Jer municipalityJerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat made good on his threat to launch a municipal strike this morning, Sunday, 2 Shevat if the Finance Ministry does not approve additional funding. The strike, which is labeled as “illegal” by the Finance Ministry, brings a halt to city services.

The mayor explains the Finance Ministry continues to discriminate against the city and as a result of current realities, the city will be compelled for fire hundreds of employees. The sharply-worded letter sent to Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon did not avert the strike, with Kahlon accusing the mayor of poor management, particularly in the area of collecting annual arnona property tax, hinting this is a major portion of the city’s deficit.

The City Council will be holding a protest meeting on Sunday which will be attended by representatives of the Histadrut national labor federation.

Despite the strike, city schools will be operating on a regular schedule.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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