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Former DeBlasio Press Secretary Compares Trump To Hitler In NY Daily News Op-Ed

trAn op-ed appearing in Sunday’s NY Daily News compares President Trump to Hitler YM”S. The article was written by Karen Hinton who is the former press secretary for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The following are excerpts of the column:

Normally people hesitate to compare any violator of human and civil rights on a grand scale to Hitler for fear of minimizing what Hitler did.

And, while most Americans can never know what it was like to be Jewish in the time of Hitler, perhaps we — after ten days of Trump — can start to imagine, especially if we recall what we know about Germany in Hitler’s adolescent days.

In Forward magazine, Andrew Nagorski, who wrote “Hitlerland: American Eyewitnesses to the Nazi Rise to Power,” described Jews and non-Jews’ slow wake-up call to the Nazi danger:

“In the very early 1920s, when Adolf Hitler was still only a local rabble rouser in Munich, two men from Munich’s American consulate made a point of observing his rallies: Robert Murphy, the young acting consul, and Paul Drey, a German employee who was a member of a distinguished Bavarian Jewish family.

“Do you think these agitators will ever get far?” Murphy asked his colleague. “Of course not!” Drey replied. “The German people are much too intelligent to be taken in by such scamps.”

Nagorski wrote German Jews and many Americans in Germany thought Hitler would “never act on his most extreme rhetoric, and besides, the donations would keep him reasonable.”

Almost 100 years later, we are hearing similar remarks from smart and politically-seasoned Americans. “It’s all going to calm down.” “He needs to placate his base.” “The Republicans won’t let him destroy the party.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s actions could very well result in refugees being murdered when they return to their homelands. Their lives should matter to the President and to all Americans.


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  1. The editorial compares reactions to and excused for Trump to German reactions to Hitler in his early days. It does not substantively compare or equate Trump to Hitler

  2. I think we should all fight this editorial it’s minimizing what Hitler YM”SH did to us! All Trump is trying to do is to protect our country

  3. of course, comparing trump to hitler is ludicrous. hitler’s bias to the jews was not at all based on factual records of jews being evil people. it was purely based on his anti-semitism…and anti semitism has no logic behind it, as we all know.
    president trump is basing his anti muslim stance because it is a documented fact that practically all terrorism in this world is muslim related. no one can deny that. i don’t care how liberal you may be. so, if trump denies entrance to, lets say,to 10 people at the airport, and if it turns out that 9 out of the 10 are 100% ok, and only one is a potential terrorist, would you not agree that it was worth witholding 10 people to prevent that one terrorist free passage? this is a no brainer. mr president, hang in there. do not cave in! caving in is “not who we are”!

  4. True,the editorial doesn’t explicitly state what we all know it means.
    The only way to slap down someone like Trump is to give like for like. So here’s a possibility: all 7 countries and a few more should unilaterally grant Trump citizenship and a passport (מזכים האדם שלא בפניו ) and enact a special law לכבודו that he may not enter these countries or use their airspace without the correct passport. Presumably he would then have to be denied entry on return to the US!

  5. The liberals are so corrupt, they can’t even think logically anymore. In their warped thinking, mercy to terrorists overrides everything. They’re like the Israeli High Court who imprison those who kill terrorists.

    Trump is like Hitler ym”sh because he’s against killing babies, right? Trump is like Hitler ym”sh because he’s against destroying America, right?

    “Meanwhile, Trump’s actions could very well result in refugees being murdered when they return to their homelands. Their lives should matter to the President and to all Americans.”
    Sorry, OUR LIVES COME FIRST and it’s OUR lives that matter to the President. G-D BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!
    Many or most or all of these refugees are terrorists and should be send straight back to where they came from. We do not have to give up our lives to save them. OUR LIVES COME FIRST!

    DeBlasio, his press secretary and all protesters should be send to accompany these Muslim refugees to their homeland and locked out of the US.

  6. Where is Jonathan Greenblatt, Moshe Indig, David Neiderman, Avi Fink, & Jerry Nadler? Where is their “outrage”? Or do these people agree?

  7. This indirect comparison of Trump’s politics to the early years of Hitler, Y’S, is just as disgusting coming from the political left as the same vile rhetoric that we heard from the alt right for 8 years and during the Trump campaign with regard to Obama. We can have very strong policy differences without resorting to the Shoah which was a unique event in modern history and has no analogy.

  8. No, Jonny, the article itself tries to make that comparison, and then relies on useful Jews such as you to defend it like you so poorly did.

  9. I would probably compare DeBlasio and this idiot press secretary to Stalin, except that they don’t even possess a minute fraction of his smarts.
    For all his evil and paranoia he was still shrewd.
    These two are intellectual amoebae.

  10. arye well said as usual. anytime liberals have no comment they go to the holocaust. is actually funny. STAY STRONG MR PREZ!! WERE ALL WITH YOU!!

  11. The meltdown of the left continues. Deligitimization, vile and violent rhetoric, fake news ,paid street demonstrations, resistance, boycotts of Trump properties ,Dem Congresspeople vowing torched earth activism, foaming at the mouth,attempting to force their (progressive) fascist views on the rest of us, mayors vowing to disobey the law, sycophantic Jews promising to register as Muslims, and no end in sight…and this is only week 1.

  12. I guess the only way to shut there mouths and newspapers is for a terrorist attack to happen to them , but even that might not help . They are so corrupt

  13. By their own admission, the vile, leftist anti-Israel and pro- Muslim J Street, funds Dem candidates , among them Jerrold Nadler who represents a sizable Jewish constituency. He’s up for reelection in 2 years, and it’s not too early to look for a strong candidate to challenge this guy even it’s going to be tough, given that his district is ultra-lib. Rather that this candidate be a non-Jew rather than the usual plethora of frum machers who’ll never unseat him.

  14. This Karen Hitler, ooops, sorry, Hinten seems to have been sitting “hinten” in history classes. Hitler y.s.v. cultivated his relationship as much as possible with the Muslims in order to realise his “final solution”. In fact the grand mufti of Jerusalem al-Husseini fled all the way to Berlin and personally asked the devil and his accomplices Himmler & Ribbentrop for assistance in:quote – the elimination of the Jewish national home – unquote. This was before the US had joined the war (Nov. 41)and most of the world believed the Germans were about to defeat Russia & emerge as the mightiest European power. Hitlers reply:The Arabs were Germany’s natural friends because they had the same enemies namely the Jews. The Mufti thanked Hitler profusely. He recruited 20’000 Muslim volunteers who helped the SS in Croatia & Hungary to murder Yidden. And Hinten want’s to compare DT to Hitler!

  15. Whether Trump I’d comparable to any dictator or not, he is clearly a rabble rouser. He thinks a big, loud mouth will get what he wants – even if he’s not actually sure what that really means.
    Rabble rousers who get elected are usually dangerous people, bad for their country. Left it right – it makes no difference. He’s extremely touchy about the slightest criticism. Not the trait of a confident, balanced man.

  16. Because in America there are concentration camps and no Jew is allowed to serve in government in any way and their synagogues have been burned down by order of the president himself and jews must wear badges to identify themselves and they are looking for refuge in other countries and they have no food to eat and they can’t own property and all yeshivos have been shut down upon threats of severe consequences…..Etc etc etc
    So no I can’t really see the connection at the moment…. Fool!!!

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