Priebus: No Regrets Holocaust Statement Didn’t Refer to Jews


holWhite House chief of staff Reince Priebus says there are no regrets a presidential statement on the Holocaust didn’t include a clear reference to the 6 million Jews who were killed.

He says he doesn’t regret the words and that “we’ll never forget the Jewish people who suffered in World War II.”

Trump’s three-paragraph statement Friday on International Holocaust Remembrance Day drew criticism from the Anti-Defamation League after it failed to make any reference to Jews, in contrast with presidents from previous administrations.

Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia says a Holocaust remembrance must acknowledge the slaughter of Jews, otherwise it becomes “Holocaust denial.”

Priebus tells NBC’s “Meet the Press” he’s “not whitewashing anything” and that for the record, “Everyone’s heart is impacted here by that terrible time.”



  1. There’s sensitivity among many Jews about the word “Holocaust” as if we own it. We ought to remember that millions of innocent non-Jews were also murdered during that time and it should be recognized.

  2. #4, Let me explain:
    My parents were Holocaust survivors.
    Still, I don’t want to wallow in sole victimhood of the Holocaust to the exclusion of millions of others. Yes, that word is connected to Jews in people’s consciousness, but non-Jews have suffered too, included those who protected and tried to save Jews. In fact, by emphasizing
    this point , it teaches and warns that atrocities against Jews inevitably and historically spread like a virus to others also.
    I don’t want to own it. I have no problem with Priebus, but I do cringe every time this ADL finds anti-Semitism in a pack of toothpicks. Especially, this new chairman Greenblatt, the Obama aparatchnik and Soros employee, who does summersaults for Muslims who never have a good thing to say about Jews anyway.

  3. Ziongate well said Dear rabbi offering look what your enemy has turned you intoG-d forbid we should own the destruction of Jews or being defined by it.Jews need to be inspired by exciting Jewish life not suffocated by victim syndrome and death As the posuk says Vo chay bohem LIVE by your yiddishkeit don’t make it a burden people don’t want

  4. How on earth is mentioning Jews excluding others? We were clearly the vast majority of the victims.

    Hopefully it was a stupid oversight, not something more sinister.