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Amona Resident Receive Eviction Orders – Get Out by Tonight!

amona12:58PM IL: Residents of Amona on Tuesday 4 Shevat received official orders of eviction from the IDF. In line with the order, they must leave the community by day’s end. The order is dated Monday night and signed by IDF Central District Commander Major-General Roni Numa.

The order adds that the community will be under general closure within 48 hours of Monday night the eve of 4 Shevat and that means no one will be permitted to enter for any reason. In addition, persons are responsible for the removal of their possessions [regarding certain buildings] and anyone present after the expiration of the 48-hour deadline will be removed.

Clearly the IDF is preparing to remove the community by the High Court of Justice-ordered deadline of February 8, 2016. Some IDF officials explain that no one expects all residents to leave by day’s end, or within 48 hours, stating not all of the buildings fall into the same legal category regarding the need to evacuate by the stipulated deadline.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Stop complaining and do something! As long as the existing apathy continues in Israel and you allow the self-appointed High Court all that power of running the country as they see fit, you have yourselves to blame about the expulsions.

    There are thousands of illegal homes that Arabs occupy but the High Court would never have the chutzpah to force them out of their homes. Because the HC fear the Arabs. This is what Jews need to do. Demonstrate and protest all over the country and throw these self-appointed judges out.

  2. Another “Gush Katif” R”L!! They did not learn that these evictions have the Opposite effects. It further embolus our enemies by showing fhat pressure tactics work to remove yidden from their sacred land!!

  3. this is what Zionists are best at, kicking Jews out of their homes but not Arabs. It is assur to go into the IDF since you cause ona to fellow Jews.

  4. Oh for goodness’ sake. The residents of Amona agreed to leave the current site as part of a settlement agreement after losing in court. By omitting that central fact YWN is giving a misleading sense of what is really happening.

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