PHOTOS: Chabad Shaliach in Mexico Reports Finding Para Adumah


padRabbi Yitzchak Hershkowitz, who runs the Chabad Center in Los Cabos, Mexico,  reports having found a kosher para adumah that would be ready when Mashiach arrives.

The rav found the red heifer while visiting a local farm in search of chalav yisrael. While milking a cow, he saw it with a young shepherd on the farm. He learned it has not yet calved and he rushed to document the animal.

The last red heifer that was believed kosher was in New Jersey about two years ago. However, it gave birth to a black cow shortly after its second birthday and hence, rejected as a para adumah.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If it was with a goy how could he be so certain that it is not posul according to Halocha? The one that was in Jersey had at least a Yiddishe owner and it could have conceivably been protected! but here???

  2. Let him ship it to 770 for those who believe Moshiach has come already. When or before the real Moshiach comes, HKBH won’t have any problems producing a Poroh Adumoh in Eretz Yisroel, rather than in Mexico or New Jersey.