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Police are Moving in to Amona as Youths Hurl Stones at Them



11:05AM IL: Hundreds of police are moving their way up the mountain towards Amona, moving in two parallel lines. They are not walking on the roadway, which is full of rocks, boulders and a great deal of oil but climbing the terraced mountain leading to the community.

While resistance leaders, rabbonim and public officials are all calling for non-violent passive resistance, many youths are seen throwing rocks at approaching police, unwilling to sit and wait to be carried out. Clearly, the approaching force is likely to begin responding as the distance between them and the attackers lessens.

There are no injuries reported at this time and while officials explain “This is not the Amona eviction of 2006, it is also not going to be the ‘we love you’ Gush Katif eviction of 2005” during which many evictees embraced and hugged those who arrived to remove them from their homes.

Residents and those present with them are being urged to use cameras and mobile phones to continue videoing events as this will serve as testimony in court should police begin using unjustifiable force as was the case in the eviction in 2006. Similarly, police have persons videoing events to document their actions as well as the actions of the evictees.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. Bibi’s hand is all over this. History will not judge him kindly!

    He keeps playing politics, at the end of the day, he has played both side of the fence. He talks pro settlements but his actions are anti settlements.

    Actions speak louder than words!!!!

  2. Anyone who threw stones at the police should be arrested and tried. Period.

    #1- What exactly is Bibi’s fault in all this? In what way is his hand ‘all over this’? The residents of Amona lost their court case. The government’s part in all of this has been to try to help the residents to relocate as close as possible to their current location.

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