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19 ‘Rabbis’ (12 Men, 7 Women) Arrested In NYC After Protesting Trump Travel Ban

arThe following is via WABC:

Nearly 20 rabbis were arrested overnight following a protest outside Trump International Hotel.

They were part of a large group protesting President Trump’s travel ban order on Monday evening.

The 12 women and 7 men were arrested, all for disorderly conduct. Police said they refused to move and were obstructing traffic.

They received desk appearance tickets, were released from custody and will appear in court at a later date.

All arrests were made outside the hotel at 1 Central Park West.

(Source: WABC)

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  1. I wonder if these “Rabbis” have also gotten arrested when Pres Obama made a deal with IRan awarding them Billions of dollars and a deal that allows for a nuclear Iran after 10 years as well. Or when Obama let a UN Security Resolution pass calling for Israel to withdraw to 1967 lines and leave the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and all Jewish holy sites to Arab terrorists hands and kick out hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes? Or are they of the brand that only protests for NON JEWS – including for allowing all Moslems in whether they are heavily vetted or not. (anyone hear of Moslem Europe or 911?)

  2. Im unaware of the custom or law requiring one to wear a tallit when violating the law and being a public nuisance.

    Perhaps their pseudo religious garb should be replaced with straightjackets.

  3. A) “Reform,” “Conservative,” and “Reconstructionist” Judaism are not Judaism, as these “religions” consist of Torah violations, so
    B) Their “Rabbis” are not Rabbis, as their religion is not Judaism.
    C) Real Rabbis wear Talisim only when they pray, not when they demonstrate.
    D) Women are not supposed to sing in public, because it’s a violation of Kol Isha.

  4. Conservative and Reform practices are not related to Judaism in any way, shape or form.

    These Lunatics who call themselves “Rabbis” all belong in a mental institution. They are not Rabbis, they are nuts.

  5. These people are really moser nefesh to express themselves. They clearly have been standing there expressing their views since after Shacharis into the late night and they didn’t even have time to take off their taleisim!

  6. Unfortunately they being given the title rabbi cause an opinion to be made among Jews and non Jews we discard them at our peril. And just saying they are not rabbis is not a good enough argument lt is the same with chareidim who display behaviour we find distasteful and are called rabbis we need to have proper reasoned opinions for disliking what they do and they(are seen to)represent

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