Asra Kadisha Activists Spending Shabbos in Asheklon


An estimated 35 activists committed to Asra Kadisha’s battle to prevent the transfer of bones from the proposed building site of Barzilai Hospital have made their way to Ashkelon for shabbos, planning to begin a protest on motzei shabbos. Asra Kadisha has vowed to do its best to prevent the transfer of the bones on Sunday, a move intended to clear the way for the construction of the new fortified emergency room at Barzilai.

Police are taking threats seriously, and Yassam anti-riot police and other troops are being mobilized, with police expecting to have hundreds of troops on hand to meet any eventuality.

The mainstream chareidi population however does not appear to be preparing for any such protests. It appears that while the situation at the building site may become hostile, it will involve a minority opinion that encourages such protests towards achieving its goal, of preventing the relocating of the kevarim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Please clarify. Does this article suggest that daas torah is not against the reinternment of bones? I thought that thru out the doros jews have done all they can to prevent bones being dug up.

  2. Though I often disgree with the way the chareidim protest, it sickens me how the Yassnikim, who are SUPPOSED TO BE a special, elite ANTI-TERORIST unit, are now used ROUTINELY against Jews.