Meah Shearim Hooligans Strike Again


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Hooligans in Meah Shearim on Thursday night targeted a vehicle belonging to the Shomrim patrol, which protects homes N’vei Yaakov and other Jerusalem border communities, often called upon to assist in chareidi areas.

It appears the work of the Shomrim is meaningless for the hooligans of Meah Shearim, who earlier in the day smashed the windshield of a police vehicle and later in the day, painted “Nazis” across the driver’s side of the white Shomrim vehicle, using black spray paint.

The avreich driving the Shomrim patrol vehicle fled the scene and headed to a police station to file a complaint.

Unfortunately, what used to be an oxymoron, ‘chareidi hooligans’ is now a reality, and only after a prominent chareidi businessman intervened, were hooligans persuaded to return files stolen from the police car that had its windows smashed on Thursday morning. Rabbonim in the area have not released statement condemning the action of these hooligans.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I suppose that now there will be a “Kol Korei” since it was an “Avreich” that was attacked. Anybody else – and the reaction is the usual indifference.

  2. If they don’t eat the wormy fish or drink buggy New York water, they aren’t “hooligans” and being Tzaddikim they can’t be condemned!

  3. As there is a “blue wall of silence in the police world, there is a black wall of silence in the chareidi world, or in the more insular communities. Locking up the hooligans would likley trigger more rioting, as was the case with the “starving mom” Time will tell, but should the Rabbonim of this community not comment on this, they would not be worthy of their titles. Here on YWN, were posted videos of the last riots in Meah Shearim, showing 10 year olds filling a garbage bin with trash and a mattress and rolling it out to burn as if this was a Lag B’omer picnic. What is wrong with the parents of these children? Is there no concept of impropriety taught there? This is a prime example of extreme insularity and withdrawal from K’lal breeding social illness. This community as a whole seems to act, or to cover for those acting in selfish narrow interests, hefkerkeit and disregard of all others. Baruch Hashem some respected outsider voices have been raised against these phenomena. We can only pray that they will be heard.

  4. These hooligan are a product of a society which created the sentiment which allows violence.
    The Rabbonim who lead their communities must be held accountable.The parents and Roshei Yeshiva are also guilty of inaction.

  5. I suppose if they were able to find the ‘chareidi hooligans’ it is time to hand them over to the police authorities. And are residents still wondering why the fire department did not come to the rescue with the MS fire last week?

  6. “Batula m’via l’y’dey shimum”. Boredom breeds insanity. This is the price of a hefker existence: no skills, unemployment, and in short, too much time on their hands. In prison they would be no better. If the price of vandalism has already exceeded NIS 1 million, what would it cost to train the vandals in skills that would lead to employment?