SS Rachel Corrie Heading to Israel to Break Gaza Embargo


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As Israel is heavily engaged in damage control following the Gaza flotilla, the next vessel is heading to the shores of Gaza, announcing to the world it too will be bringing humanitarian aid to the Gazans.

Officials in Jerusalem have announced that this ship will be stopped as was the case with the other Gaza flotilla ships earlier in the week, explaining that Israel remains firm on inspecting all goods imported into Gaza. Officials add that the military will take the necessary measures to address this ship, to prevent a compromise of the Gaza embargo.

At this time, officials are unaware regarding the scheduled arrival of the vessel, with the passengers telling the press they are part of the Free Gaza Movement. The Rachel Corrie left Ireland, and among the passenger on board are Nobel Prize laureate Mairead Maguire and former UN Assistant Secretary-General Denis Halliday.

Organizer Greta Berlin told the press she is waiting for the arrival of the Challenger Two, another small vessel that was delayed due to mechanical malfunction.

Berlin did not give a timetable, adding both vessels will make stops to pick up additional passengers and journalists.

Rachel Corrie was a member of the International Solidarity Movement protesting Israel’s presence in Gaza. She was killed by an IDF D9 bulldozer that did not see her as it was engaged in leveling structures in March 2003. The activists called themselves human shields against Israel’s occupation in Gaza.

In a related matter, Israel Radio reports Irelands Foreign Minister next week plans to introduce a motion in Dublin to oust Israel’s Mossad representative in that country. Ireland has also demanded that Israel immediately release any and all Irish nationals arrested on the Gaza flotilla.

Israel Radio also reports that the Rachel Corrie is together with Challenger II in the area of Libya.

Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen stated “I will make this point. If any harm comes to any of our citizens, it will have the most serious consequences.”

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. To the esteemed Irish Prime Minister – Israel will do what is necessary to protect her citizens, without apologies.

    We certainly hope that your nationals understand that if they choose to align themselves with terrorists they will have to suffer a similar fate.

  2. Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen stated “I will make this point. If any harm comes to any of our citizens, it will have the most serious consequences.


  3. Although this group of ships appears to be primarily Irish, the entire “Break The Embargo Effort” is really being spearheaded by Turkey. As it becomes clearer that there were REAL ISLAMIC TERRORISTS within the group, as well as the fact that Turkey is moving ever closer to Iran and Syria, the question that needs to be raised is, “Should Turkey Still Be Part of NATO?” In fact, a very worthwhile article by just that name has been written by noted commentator Daniel Pipes ( several months ago. This question is even more compelling today. NATO shares intelligence and does joint military exercises with other members. Do we really want to share our military secrets with Iran and Syria. Everyone should protest to President Obama. A movement in this direction will take the pressure off Israel and perhaps will cause some of its enemies to back off.

  4. Dear Irish Prime Minister,
    I feel it is wonderful that you want to send cargo and the likes to help out the Gaza, however if that is all that is on the ship and there are no weapons, illegal drugs, and any other parafanelia that would be harmful, why woul dyou have a problem letting the Israeli’s Coast Guard and Military Personel go aboard peacefully and check over the cargo as well as the passengers.There is a blockage for a good reason and ISRAEL has and always will be able to protect themselves any which way they feel it the right way to do so. My suggestion is to send 100 ships but stop and be checked and tell your passengers they must be carefully examined by the Israeli’s before stepping onto the Gaza soil. Just like anyone has to be checked before boarding a plane anywhere in the world so should your passengers and your entire cargo be checked before passing through the area that ISRAEL feels needs protection.If you do not like the rules “DO NOT GO THERE”
    and stay away.