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NY To Conduct Civil Ceremonies For Same-Gender Couples Starting Today

The city clerk’s office in New York will begin conducting domestic partnership ceremonies for same-gender couples starting Thursday.

For more than a decade, the office has handed out certificates for such couples.

But after the city rules were amended earlier this year, the office decided to add a little fanfare to the unions and conduct marriage-like ceremonies for the pairs.

While domestic partners in New York don’t enjoy all the rights that married couples do, such unions can bestow some legal rights – such as hopital visitation and health benefits.

Marriage for same-gender couples is still unrecognized in the state. In December, the state Senate rejected bill legalizing such marriages.

(Source: CNN Wire)

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  1. Then you wonder why our economy is going down each and every day. If frum Jews would speak up then maybe in heaven they will improve the economy otherwise America is over. And if they continue advocating the gay parade in Jerusalem it looks like it will be given to the arabs to control,after all if frum Jews only care about materialism than they could all move to some other area. If we keep electing pro toeiva candidates than we are guilty just as those arheistic toeiva’nicks.

  2. #1 Heshy1

    What does the economy have to with to’eva? Is the punishment for a society that tolerates to’eva to have high unemployment rates?

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