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Report: Maran Elyashiv Refuses to Sign Against Lalum

Posek HaDor Maran Rav Yosef Sholem Elyashiv Shlita has refused to sign a kol korei against Yoav Lalum, the man behind the Beis Yaakov Emanuel court case.

According to a Kikar Shabbat report released on Sunday, askanim arrived at Maran’s home on Sunday seeking to persuade him to sign the kol korei against Lalum, but Maran refused. The askanim hoped if Rav Elyashiv would sign such a kol korei, it would compel Lalum to back down.

R’ Elyashiv refused, apparently aware that such a move would be a declaration of war against Rabbi Yaakov Yosef.

Ultimately, rabbonim did agree to sign a kol korei that was positively worded, supporting the Slonim Rebbe Shlita and his efforts on behalf of Chinuch Atzmai against Lalum in the Emanuel case.

Signed on the kol korei is Rav Elyashiv Shlita, Rav Wosner Shlita, Rav Shteinman Shlita, Rav Lefkowitz Shlita, Rav Kanievsky Shlita, Rav Nosson T. Finkel Shlita, Rav Aurbach Shlita, Rav Berlind Shlita, Rav Hager Shlita, Admor of Erlau Shlita, Admor of Seret-Vishnitz Shlita, Admor of Sadigura Shlita, Admor of Sanz Shlita, Admor of Moditz Shlita and others.

The kol korei objects to efforts to compel and educational environment that is contrary to the direction of Rabbonim shlita.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Here is one of our biggest problems today:

    “askanim arrived at Maran’s home on Sunday seeking to persuade him”

  2. I just don’t get it. What’s the general problem w/ Sefardim going to Ashkenazi schools? We do it here in USA, why not in Israel? Is it that much more of a problem in Israel than in USA?

  3. #2
    it is much LESS of a problem in Israel where all the students concerned are Jewish. This Balagan is just because a bunch of racist parents want to maintain nazi style racial purity.

  4. What’s this about? Can anyone link the original story this is the first I’m hearing of it. Would be greatly appreciated…

  5. I hope you realize the headline says R’ Elyashiv didn’t sign, then the last paragraph says he did sign. You guys make a lot of mistakes similar to this, so maybe you should try editing before posting.

  6. #6 IGGY they are speaking about two different kol kreis.

    The Rav would not sign the KOL KREI against R. Lalum since it would be a direct confrontation with Rav Ovadia Yosef and his son who are involved in pursuing the lawsuit.

  7. In 2008, Attorney Mordechai Bass was sent by Shulamit Amichai of the ministry of education to evaluate the situation in Emanuel. He stated in his report:

    “I spoke to the plaintiffs and asked for one instance of parents who asked to register their daughter and was refused and they had no such case.”

    “The division was not ethnic, it was religious. I am convinced that there is no ethnic discrimination.”

    “When ethnic discrimination actually occurs, we must combat it with all our might. I express my sorrow about complaints like these – thrown in the air – that increase hatred among Israel , and are totally baseless.”

    The Beis Yaakov Chasidi was founded in 2007 as a stricter alternative to the original Beis Yaakov. Two of its founders were Rav Shimon Ba’adani of Bnei Brak and Rav Bar Lev, Rabbi of Emanuel. It was placed in the top floor of the original Beis Yaakov in the vacated rooms that used to belong to the high school; the high school had moved to its own building in 2004.

    There are two other girls’ schools in Emanuel – the Chabad Lubavitch school, founded in the late 1990’s, and the Beit Rachel and Leah, under the Shas-Mayan network of Sephardi schools, founded in 2007.

    30% of the girls attending Beis Yaakov Chasidi are Sephardic, not including those of blended heritage. 20% of the students in the original Beis Yaakov are Ashkenazi, many have blended heritage.

    This is a test case of judicial activism, fanned by a flagrantly dishonest media, with the aim to influence the Chinuch Atzmai (Independent Religious Education) system and towards judeocracy. The excuse had to be racism, or else it would not have made it into the courts.

    It is a media hoax and miscarriage of justice.

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