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Asra Kadisha’s Next Stop, Yavne

The protests at the Nazareth Israel Antiquities Association (IAA) site have halted for now, but IAA officials have already set their sights on the next ancient cemetery, this time in Yavne.

Asra Kadisha rabbonim have learned of the construction plan that calls for destroying yet another cemetery, and the organization is already making plans to prevent such an occurrence from becoming a reality chas v’sholom.

Asra rabbonim probed and learned the identity of the contractor who will be carrying out the work and they persuaded him to abandon the project. Unfortunately for the contactor, the IAA views the situation differently, threatening legal action against him for violating his contract regarding the ground breaking work in the area. In the meantime, Asra Kadisha has sent a number of mashgichim to observe and oversee events at the location.

In Meah Shearim, the streets remain quiet, at least for now, but protests are expected should the work in Yavne move forward. Asra Kadisha officials feel that chareidi lawmakers are simply remaining silent, giving license to the IAA and the prime minister to push ahead with projects that involve chilul kevarim.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. YWN: What is the burning reason this time that they want to disturb kevarim?
    Not that I am justifying it (don’t pretend to be a posaik) but at least in Ashkelon there was a good reason that they needed that area.
    What is the reason in Yavneh?

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