REPORT: Iran’s Nuclear Plant Going Live Soon


A senior Russian diplomat announced that Iran’s first nuclear power plant in the southern city of Bushehr will start operation within the next two months.

“It will take two month or even less than that for the completion of the Bushehr nuclear plant,” Russian Consul General Ali Mitkhadovich Mustafabeyli told reporters in Iran’s central city of Isfahan.

He added that this is not merely the opinion of Russian officials as Iranian officials have also estimated that the plant will become operational within the same timeframe.

The Russian official further stressed that the Russian government is not facing any problems for completing the Bushehr plant.

Earlier in May, member of the parliament’s (city and village) Councils and Home Security Commission Seyed Mohammad Javad Abtahi announced that the county plans to load real fuel into its first nuclear power plant in the southern city of Bushehr in July.

Iran started the Warm Water Test in April 8 concurrent with the National Nuclear Technology Day in which the country celebrated its latest scientific achievements.
In February 2010, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi told FNA that there has just remained a ‘Warm Water Test’ before the Bushehr power plant could launch operation.

“We will inject fuel into the heart of the reactor after that (final test),” Salehi added at the time.

Noting the latest operations carried out in the plant, Salehi also said that Bushehr has passed an array of tests in the last few months, and pointed out that the Metal Core Test has been the latest test accomplished by the power plant.

Russia has been building the nuclear facility in Iran since 1994. The start-up of the station, originally scheduled to be completed in 1999, has been delayed on several occasions.

Western corporations began the construction of the Bushehr facility in the 1970s. However, following the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Western companies reneged on their commitments and pulled out of the project due to political pressure from Washington.

Iran then turned to Russia to complete the project. In 1992, Tehran and Moscow signed a deal to complete the construction of the nuclear power plant.



  1. What does this mean? Putting real fuel into the nuclear plant does that mean they have a nuclear bomb? And if not, then what does it mean?

  2. The level of Uranium enrichment required for a power plant is less than that required for a nuclear weapon.
    However, once they pass a “warm water test”, the ability to develop the nuclear weapon is only a few months behind.

  3. A nuclear reactor is for energy. That is why the Russians and Iranians are talking openly about it. The problem everybody has with Iran is that we don’t believe that they’re only trying to make an electric generator. We are afraid, and know, that they want to treat their uranium enough to create a nuclear weapon.