Hafganos To Be Reduced After Jerusalem Motorcyclist Injured By Trash Bin


The Charedi leadership is considering a significant reduction in or complete prohibition against holding protests after a trash bin shoved onto Route 1 during a Jerusalem demonstration seriously injured a motorcyclist and his passenger.

Following the road accident Wednesday, criticism against the rallies within the Charedi community has increased, especially since extremist elements in the Eida Charedis commit acts of vandalism and violence during them.

Businessmen within the community are also concerned by the lack of control over what goes on during the rallies. Among other things, efforts are being made to hold an emergency meeting between the businessmen and police representatives in order to discuss the situation.

Two people were seriously injured in a traffic accident when Charedi rioters pushed a trash bin onto a Jerusalem highway, into which the motorcyclist and his passenger collided.

More than 200 Charedim rioted in protest against the ongoing Chilul Kevarim in Jaffa. During the demonstration, they clashed with police and threw stones at them.

(Source: Ynet)


  1. even though i feel bad for the ppl hurt, i think overall its a good thing because people will realize that violence is dangerous and hopefully put a stop to it.