15 People Injured After FDNY Ambulance Collides With City Bus


Fifteen people were injured today in a collision that involved a city bus, an ambulance and two other vehicles.

It happened at 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard in Harlem.

Police say a black Acura with North Carolina plates hit the ambulance, which was heading eastbound, responding to a call.

The ambulance careened into an SUV waiting at a red light and then into an M100 bus, which was also parked.

The drivers of the SUV and car needed to be cut out of their vehicles.

Eyewitnesses at a bus stop across the street say the driver of the black Acura was blasting music and not paying attention.

“The ambulance had their siren, they made a turn, I guess the lady was ignoring it, because her music was loud, she didn’t hear the siren,” said the eyewitness.

“The lady in the black car didn’t hear, she was trying to make the light, at the same time trying to go faster than the ambulance,” said another. “Everything was okay and then boom, the ambulance hit the bus, hit a Jeep and that black car was totaled.”

The car and the SUV were towed away as officials try to piece together exactly what happened.

Fire officials say none of the injuries appear to be life threatening.

(Source: NY1)


  1. You see what happens when one blasts music. Maybe this will be a lesson for all. I myself an EMT is always wary of the other driver when I respond lights & sirens. EMS personnel are taught to be more attentive because you have idoits who are not.