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Rubashkin Lawyers Look Into Judge’s Work

Postville, Ia. – Sholom Rubashkin’s legal team argued Wednesday that they still don’t know how involved his trial judge was in the raid at his former Iowa slaughterhouse. Defense lawyers said they have yet to learn the extent of Judge Linda Reade’s role in planning the raid at Agriprocessors Inc. in Postville.

Rubashkin’s lawyers say prosecutors have not disclosed the number of times they met with Reade, the exact discussion topics, or what the judge heard, said and saw. Such information could raise questions about her partiality in Rubashkin’s financial fraud trial, the lawyers allege.

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(Source: Des Moines Register)

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  1. Sholom Rubashkin was raided by federal authorities, cited for numerous violations, and put out of business and ordered jailed. Jack DeCoster is raided by federal authorities, cited for numerous violations — and was allowed to remain in business to produce millions of contaminated eggs. Why?

    Seeking justice….

  2. #1,

    DeCoster’s operations SHOULD be shut down — he is a menace to public health and has been for decades! But if the government were to try to do that all the right wingers would be screaming about excessive regulation.

  3. If you want to send a letter to Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.
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