Sheepshead Bay Mosque Denied Permit


Brooklyn, NY – Last week on Friday City officials quietly scrubbed a controversial Sheepshead Bay mosque, which had already been the subject of months of review and protests, and ordered another probe of the project.

The Department of Buildings had actually approved the design of the Islamic community center on Voorhies Road on Wednesday, allowing property owner Allowey Ahmed to begin construction, but two days later, the same agency pulled support for the as-of-right project and will now subject it to another exhaustive review.

Ahmed believes the city simpy caved in to pressure from a handful of mosque opponents on the block between East 28th and East 29th streets.

“It’s only common sense to assume that,” he explained. “We lowered our plan from four floors to three out of deference to our neighbors. And now everything is on hold again.”

The city didn’t give Ahmed any reason for the delay, except to say that the entire plan has to be reviewed again for “anywhere from one to five months,” Ahmed was told.

Calls to the Department of Buildings for answers weren’t returned.

The delay smacks of a back-room deal, especially since neighborhood political leaders are supporting the city’s stunning turnaround.

State Sen. Carl Kruger (D–Mill Basin) said the second review is necessary because of the divisive feelings surrounding the mosque project.

“Whenever the [Department of Buildings] knows that something is controversial, they don’t leave it up to one plan examiner,” said Kruger. “They want a fresh set of eyes to look at it, like an integrity check.

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  1. To: #4 Moose613…
    Yes, you are correct, they could do this also to a shul or yeshiva.
    They are not likely to, because no one here (except maybe for the neo-nazi groups) is afraid of a Jewish desire to take over the country or the world.
    The Jews in America have no interest or desire in taking over the country, converting it, or ruling it by Torah law.
    On the other hand, many muslim leaders in Europe and elsewhere, HAVE in fact, publicly stated their goal of moslem rule of the world, and the imposition of sharia law.
    So… there is legitimate reason to be VERY concerned about the spread of islam outside of the already moslem countries.

  2. #1, can you imagine how we would feel if a the response to the proposed building of a new shul (C”V) was “Good! Don’t they have enough places to pray in already?”

  3. NineTwo, no one that I knows that davens in a shul is also a member of a terrorist organization nor donates money to one. Think about it!

  4. This is a dangerous path for the country to be settling into. Actually I’m surprised that it went this way, due to the opposite current, of sucking up to the muslims. If they’d sue the government over this they would probably get someplace.

    If the US has any plans of getting Muslims to like up and to drop terror (not likely, though), they are undoing it.