Judge Accuses NY Mets Of Ignoring Court Order Over Kosher Hot-Dog Vendor


A federal judge accused the Mets of ignoring a court order in a dispute with a vendor who sells kosher hot dogs at their ballpark.

The Mets don’t want to disclose how many dogs they sell, saying that’s “highly confidential” and that releasing such details to the vendor “would cause a tremendous amount of harm.”

Magistrate Judge Roanne Mann said the team was barking up the wrong tree and ordered it to give up the figure.

(Source: NY Post)


  1. Good question. This issue might actually be worth knowing more about.

    The ‘Kosher’ vendor is not the only vendor of course. The Mets surely sell much more non-kosher hot dogs on their own. They leased the Kosher vending rights to a company for whatever period of time. There is/was a court battle between the vendor and the Mets, because the Mets prohibit the Kosher vendor from selling Kosher Hot Dogs on Saturdays!!

    The dispute in this article might be just because they need to know the figure discussed in order to sue them for some undetermined alleged lost sales on Saturday.

    That is the facts that I am aware of – to my knowledge.

    Now for the commentary part….

    It is Ironic that the Mets are the ones stopping the vendor from selling on Shabbos, while the vendor is trying to sue them for the right to do so. The truth is of course that the Mets might have nothing in mind relating to Kovod Shabbos, they just don’t want to lose revenue to this vendor on days that they (correctly I hope) feel that there will be no unhappy Jewish customers anyway. The vendor might also not even be Jewish. But if they were open and selling on Shabbos, how kosher could it be anyway?

    No, I don’t go to ballgames, and if I did, I would not be buying hot dogs, for both kashrus and financial concerns. I am also not a sports fan. So it may not affect me, but it is still interesting to a Jewish New Yorker.