Sullivan County: Concord Property Owner Looks To Develop Major Theme Park


The owner of 1,500 acres of the former Concord Hotel property is developing plans to build a large theme-amusement park at the Town of Thompson property.

Town Supervisor Anthony Cellini confirmed those plans and told the discussions are in the early stages.

“Entertainment Property Trust owns all the properties – they took all the properties back from [Louis] Cappelli that they were holding the mortgage, except for the present site where the hotel was and across the street where he was going to propose to build a harness track and the other 1,500 acres they own,” he said. “They are talking about putting a theme park in plus some other things.”

Entertainment Property Trust, based in Kansas City, MO, develops ski areas, movie theaters, charter schools and other projects.

(Source: MidHudsonNews)


  1. why is it not good, how many frum families travel to theme parks across the US. There is good in everything, you just have to find it.
    Hershey park for example has Glatt kosher food, Disney has glatt kosher food and so on. How many times have I davened Mincha at one of these parks, please wake up and smell the coffee, what do you define as kosher entertainment then?
    How do you handle the Tivah’s of our children and parents, there are ways to be a frum Yid anywhere and almost anyplace in the world.

  2. I dont understand the point of a harness track as they are empty most of the time. Monticello has a handful of racing dates and only possibly make money from the casino.

  3. @torah totty,

    the reason for Clark Kent’s response of “not good” is this. Frum families make trips accross the country to go to theme parks specifically because they are away from the rest of the community and the chance of someone you know seeing you having fun is remote, therefore a location in proximity to the community where your neighboors might see you with a smile on your face is a danger!!!

    We all know that fun is only allowed Bdieved anyway.