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NY Lawmakers OK Expanded Child Abuse Reporting

New York lawmakers have voted to add directors of children’s overnight or summer day camps to the list of those required to report suspected child abuse or maltreatment to the state and to local social services officials.

Sponsors say under current regulations camp directors are required to report incidents at their camps, but they can face civil liability for contacting authorities on behalf of a child concerning abuse or maltreatment elsewhere.

The measure would give them immunity for good-faith reporting of maltreatment.

Mandated reporters, who can face liability for intentionally failing to make a report, include police, doctors, social workers, school officials, psychologists, registered nurses and licensed family therapists.

(Source: Seattle PI)

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  1. Kol Hakovod for looking out for the best interest of OUR children. Please, Please everyone get the message and understand it well. SAVE the children and STOP abuse. If you report abuse you can save hundreds of children from even ONE molester. ONE molester will strike hundreds of times in his lifetime. Once they start they DON’T stop. There is no such thing as yeshiva. Even if they privately ask Hashem for forgiveness one minute, they will strike again and ask Hashem for forgiveness again. When they molest they tune out the fact that Hashem is watching, they don’t think about it. Fulfilling their own teivos is the only thing on their minds.

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