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Weiner Chooses Flatbush Senior Center To Announce His Resignation

The is reporting that Rep. Anthony Weiner has set his press conference to announce his resignation for 2:00PM in Flatbush (Midwood). It will be held at 1001 Quentin Road, at the corner of East 10th Street. There is a senior center located there, and it is unknown why he will be making the announcement from that location.

Check back for full video & photo coverage following the announcement.

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. He’s making it from there because that is where he announced, in 1992, his first run for public office (New York City Council). His district was entirely in Brooklyn back then, in the frum neighborhood.

  2. Perhaps to maximize neighborhood exposure in anticipation of his comeback (after he announces he has repented, and of course with his wife next to him holding the baby)

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