U.S. Takes On Illegal Israeli Workers


United States authorities have decided to take a stand against the popular phenomenon of foreigners, mostly Israelis, working illegally in kiosks and stands located in American shopping malls.

The US Consulate in Tel Aviv published a YouTube video to discourage young Israelis fresh out of their army service from coming to work illegally across American by telling the tales of those captured by US authorities, questioned and deported from country.

In the video, Israeli citizens describe how they arrived in US without a proper visa only to return back home after being blacklisted. They depict how they were refused entry and give an account of their arrest, the tremendous financial costs and of their great feeling of embarrassment.

US diplomats attemped to refute the reassuring myths regarding the danger of getting caught, explaining that most of the people arrested for immigration felonies are sent to a regular jail, “with killers and rapists in the next cell.”

However many feel these deportation threats and a simple YouTube video are not enough to prevent young Israelis from fulfilling their dream of fast cash in the US.



  1. Simply being in the US illegally isn’t a felony; it isn’t even a misdemeanor. But you will still be in a cell next to suspected murderers and rapists.

    The US should dramatically increase legal immigration quotas; immigrants contribute enormous amounts to America and they are essential to our economy.

  2. With thousands of illegals pouring over the border from Mexico every day, one would think that catching or preventing them from getting in would take priority.

  3. #1 and #2 – They aren’t being targeted because they are in the country illegally. They are being targeted because they are doing BUSINESS illegally. You can’t just go into another country and start making money you have to do it in the correct way with the corrects visas etc.

  4. They are WORKING illegally in this country. BTW this is a great kiruv opportunity having them in most malls. Invite them for a shabbos, shiur or just a get together maybe.

  5. They should look for low paying jobs that Americans don’t want to do – then they won’t get harassed very often.

    Of course the US might consider going back to the old rule of anyone who wants to immigrate is welcome as long as they don’t become a public charge (or in moder terms, end up a welfare) – but then you’ld have lots of Mexicans (and Africans or all sorts of other non-whites) coming here and founding businesses and building up our economy – just like in the past.

  6. To #6
    No crime is committed if the person enters on a valid visa (even tourist visa) and then stays, but such a person is subject to deportation.
    It is illegal to enter without the proper visa, but staying is not illegal. As such, an illegal immigrant is not doing anything illegal by just staying in the country. In other words, being an illegal immigrant is technically not illegal, although the act of coming in was illegal.
    It is not legal to work here without proper papers.
    It is illegal to re-enter or be in the country after you were once deported unless you have proper permission which you won’t get for at least 10 years and maybe never.