Three Suspects Arrested In Golders Green For Anti-Semitic Attacks


Shomrim London NW volunteers were called to the scene, at the north end of Golders Green Road on Sunday evening, when three Eastern Europeans threw glass bottles and shouted obscene anti-Semitic abuse at two Jewish passerby. The suspects were detained by Shomrim volunteers outside Slice pizza store until the police arrived, very soon afterwards and arrested all three of them with public order offences and racially aggravated assault.

Hamodia spoke to the CEO of Shomrim London NW, Gavriel Ost, who said that his colleagues had firmly informed the suspects that they were members of the Shomrim Community Patrol and requested them to remain there until the arrival of police. “It was not necessary to use any force” said Ost. He also pointed out that the efforts and dedication of the volunteers do not just exted to the “exciting” part of an event but also involve going to the police station and giving statements, which often as on this occasion, last until the early hours of the morning.

The three suspects were detained overnight at the police station until a decision was made whether to press charges.

(Source: Hamodia UK)