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LIKOVID SHABBOS? Pushing Same-Gender Marriage Fast So Shelly Silver Can Observe Shabbos

Legislators worked methodically Friday to clear away a raft of standard bills to make way for a pivotal same-gender marriage vote as advocates and Republicans who hold the key agreed on one thing: They don’t want the much-anticipated decision to drag on much longer.

Security was tight in the Capitol as opponents and supporters of same-gender marriage clogged the marble hallways after a week of rising tensions and great expectations.

Deputy Majority Leader Thomas Libous said the 32 Republican senators who hold the majority in that chamber could meet behind closed doors later Friday to decide whether to send the bill to the floor for a vote after they get through other bills.

Libous, a Broome County Republican, said GOP senators don’t want to further stretch the 2011 session, which was supposed to have ended Monday. He said that if the caucus sends the same-gender marriage bill out, it could be voted on Friday.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is an Orthodox Jew and observes the Sabbath, which means he won’t work between sunset Friday and sunset Saturday. The Assembly is expected to approve several amendments to provide greater protection for religious groups from discrimination lawsuits as a result of a same-gender marriage law.

(Source: NBC New York)

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  1. If Shelly Silver pushing toiva marriage THEN rushing home to “observe” Shabbos isn’t the ultimate oxymoron (emphasis on the moron) I don’t know what is.

  2. LIKOVID SHABBOS? Pushing Same-Gender Marriage Fast So Shelly Silver Can Observe Shabbos
    YWN (as is common with supermarket tabloids) has once again created a sensational false headline, completely unrelated to the published story.

  3. Hey Shelly, you may as well be Mechalel Shabbos, a real frum yid must keep all 613 mitzvas you can’t choose, it’s a big Chillel H’Shem that the so called Orthodox NY Assembly Speaker supports “Toaiveh Marriage” this is much worse than a yid is nebech a “Mechallel Shabbos”

  4. I’m sure that he may essentially be Mechalel Shabbos to pass such a vital and historic bill. His “orthodox-Judaism” that enabled him to believe that we can discriminate against those who send their children to religious schools while we must do “justice” to those retards that seek to uproot religion with the pretense of seeking nondisriminatory “equality” to those who believe that marriage isn’t included in the category of family-values, will give hime a one-time waiver. He might also consider the Ein Issur Chal Al Issur factor.

  5. Candlelighting in Albany is 8:19pm tonight, and Albany has an Orthodox community, so I’m sure Speaker Silver will observe Shabat as he always does.

    Dave Hirsch, you are being completely unfair to Speaker Silver. He had nothing to do with the 19th century enactment of the Blaine Amendment to the NY State Constitution prohibiting direct aid to religious schools. An attempt to repeal it was made in 1967 but it received approval from less than 30% of the voters. Nevertheless he has through his influence sent huge amounts of government money to frum organizations, and because of his work getting assisted reproductive technology to be a mandatory coverage under Medicaid and private insurance, there are a lot of frum kids who would not otherwise exist.

  6. Charliehall
    Wait so if someone does some good things he can do one big bad one and its ok?

    I kept Shabbos the last 5 weeks so now I can and have the right to go to McDonald’s and eat a cheeseburger right?

  7. no chilul shabos but yes chilul hashem shelly —your on slipery ice in shamayim————-Taireh Org. back him but not real Bnai Torah————–MUSHCHAS

  8. Shelly you are a disgrace
    Please do not use.the label
    “Frum”. First understand what a jew stans for
    Then understand orthodoxy
    Then understand “frum”
    You are far off from all three islands.
    Probably on your own deserted island.
    May hashem grant you a complete recovery

  9. 2,

    Instead of razzing on YWN for a headline that doesn’t meet your krum anti yiddishkeit hashkofos, why not take the time and actually LOOK UP WHERE THEY GOT THE STORY FROM! Each story CLEARLY has a SOURCE listed which means you could look it up for yourself. Being that you didnt and you were a moron to the moderator, I looked it up and I found the story to be an ASSOCIATED PRESS story. The AP themselves had the part about Silver and Shabbos VERY CLEAR. So cut the trash and do your homework!

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