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Off-Duty NYPD Officer Involved In Shooting On 18th Ave & McDonald

Several people are in custody after an early-morning shooting in Brooklyn involving an off-duty police officer left one person injured. It happened around 4 a.m. near The Old Gallery Sports Bar on McDonald and 18th Avenue on the Boro Park / Flatbush border.

One person was reportedly shot in the leg.

The F train is bypassing the 18th Avenue station in both directions as a result of the investigation.


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  1. I consider McDonald and 18th Avenue as solid Boro Park. Why is ‘Flatbush Scoop’ involved?

    Unless of course the Old Gallery Sports Bar is considered more Flatbushy than Boro Parky!

  2. interesting robery 1 block further from Boro Park on 18th reported in Boro Park Scoop & and this is in Flatbush Scoop ?????????????

  3. You know what gets me. So far all the posters 1-6 are bickering about borders. What I want to know is how is the cop is doing and are any yidden an of the injured? Who cares what the borders are or why hatzalah decides borders (wondering when they became the state?.) PPL there were injuries, duh……

  4. What difference does it make if it is BP or FB, THE ONLY DIFFERENCE would make is to bring back Guliani as NY mayor. The rise in crime in this area has risen horrendously. GULIANI WE MISS YOU!

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