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Mayor Bloomberg & NYPD Commissioner Kelly Visit Kletzky Home; ‘One Of The Saddest Days In The City’

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly visited the Kletzky home, Monday afternoon.

The Mayor arrived at approximately 7:00PM with the Commissioner, and proceeded directly upstairs to the apartment.

They spent approximately 10 minutes with the family.

Upon leaving the building, the Mayor gave the following statement to the media in a low sad voice:

(Transcribed by YWN)

This is one of the most sad days in the city, and it’s very tragic, and the Commissioner and I expressed our condolences to parents and grandparents and siblings, and there is not a lot else we can say. I don’t know why god sometimes does some things, but it is what it is…

I think we all should, before we go to bed, taker a look at our children, and recognize how lucky we are to have them, and pray that this doesn’t happen to us, and say a prayer for the young boy and for his family.”


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  1. To Lamid Vov Zaddik: And exactly what would this pay for? The family was perfectly happy before last Monday. And no amount of money could replace what they are presently lacking.

  2. To #4 I don’t have money and I gave something to the family. They are clearly not well off financially to put it mildly. They have an enormous burden psychologically to deal with, both for the parents and the children. If they can focus on that without having to be burdened with other things e.g. finances then the whole family will be much better off.
    I am not suggesting bankrolling them forever but they will be able to see psychologists without having to worry about where they will get money to pay for it. A more comfortable and spacious home would also be very beneficial. The Rav of the family who spoke at the levaya is actually accepting/collecting money for the family.

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