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NJ Gov. Chris Christie Hits Gym Following Asthma Attack

Farrel Brenner is used to training tough boxers – not weight-challenged governors who only talk tough.

Brenner, a certified strength and conditioning coach, is responsible for slimming down the most famous waistline in New Jersey – that of Gov. Chris Christie.

That task appeared to take on a whole new level of importance after the popular Republican was briefly hospitalized after suffering an asthma attack last Thursday.

Brenner said he sent the hefty governor a text message as soon as he heard about his health scare. Christie’s response, he said, was immediate – and not at all surprising: Christie would keep his next workout appointment.

“It was like nothing happened,” said Brenner, of Morristown, N.J.

“He was feeling much better the next day. He’s a determined guy. He had gotten into a good routine and wanted to stick to it.

“Just like anything that Chris does, he’s passionate about our time together.”

Christie – who some politicos believe could one day be President – has worked out with Brenner since before he became governor last year.


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