Halachically Speaking: Zecher L’Churban (Part 2)


Amah by Amah 

When the bais hamikdosh was destroyed the chachumim established that anything that brings joy should be accompanied by a zecher l’churban, since without Yerushalayim and the bais hamikdosh there is no real joy.  

One who has a house should leave a part of the wall without plaster or paint. The blank portion should measure one amah by one amah and should be square not shorter or longer on any side, however, this is not meakev. One who makes an amah by amah in his house is guaranteed that his house will stand forever and nothing with happen to it. Some say the minhag is to be lenient with this din because modern houses are made will sand mixed into the plaster. However, very often the sand mixed into the plaster is not real and so this heter would fall away. Indeed, many have the custom to make a zecher l’churban

Where to Place the Amah by Amah

One is supposed to see the amah by amah whenever he walks into his house. Therefore, l’chatchilah it should be made opposite the door of the house. The zecher l’churban also should not be blocked by a curtain etc. Some have a custom to make it above the door. Others say it can be made anywhere if one makes it larger than an amah by amah. One who cannot make it on the wall opposite the entrance should make it as close to that wall as possible.

Compiled by Rabbi Moishe Dovid Lebovits who can be reached at[email protected]

Reviewed by Rabbi Ben-zion Schiffenbauer Shlita

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