Chaverim Of Queens Gears Up For This Years Purim ‘Don’t Drink & Drive Campaign’


Chaverim of Queens is in full swing getting ready for their 2nd “Don’t drink and drive” Purim campaign. Following the success of last years pioneer and unique program, Chaverim is reaching out to members of the community to volunteer to be a part of this unique chesed.

The “Don’t drink and drive program” was created to prevent people who may be unfit to drive by offering those individuals a sober driver to get them home safely when no other driver is available.

Last year, volunteers in this program responded to 30 calls within Queens thereby preventing any tragedy or worry.

Signs advertising the Hot line number have already been posted throughout the community letting everyone know that once again, Chaverim of Queens has stepped up to the plate and is offering this wonderful service again this year.

“By putting this program together, we know as well as every parent, wife, and friend  that the people they care about will have a safe night and won’t be in a position to make any mistakes” said Chaverim coordinator Avigdor Cyperstein. “The Purim hot line number should be publicized and shared with as many people as possible so if needed, everyone can be assured that were just a phone call away.

The number assigned for the Chaverim of Queens “don’t drink and drive” Purim campaign is 917-257-6377.

The Organization is especially seeking volunteers for any part of Purim whether someone is available to volunteer as a driver Purim night or day, or even for a small amount of time.

“The beauty of this program is that it is not restricted to full time year round Chaverim volunteers. Anyone who is available for even the smallest amount of time is requested to call or email us right away and we will set them up with a temporary Chaverim unit number just for Purim”. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who would like to be a part of the well established  Chaverim organization or even someone who simply just wants to chip in and do some Chesed.

“You never know, the life you save, may just be your own”.

This years program is sponsored by “Six 22 LLC” which is a Healthcare Marketing firm.

If you or someone you know may be interested in participating in this years program please call Rabbi Aloni Russek at 347-624-4464 or email

May we all be blessed with a Happy, Healthy, and safe Purim!

(YWN Desk – NYC)