CRC Kashrus Alerts 6/02/10


align=leftKashrus Administrator of the Chicago Rabbinical Council

June 2, 2010 

The following two soft serve ice cream flavor toppings listed bellow manufactured by Flavor Burst, Danville, Illinois, were previously listed as cRc pareve but have been found to contain dairy ingredients (Cholov Stam); FLA028 Cheesecake Flavor, FLA028SH Cheesecake flavor. Corrective measures have been taken

Please note a correction from a previous alert; Pace Salsa without the OU or Half Moon K on the label remains kosher certified by the OU.

The following are Rabbi Herman’s early estimates of up to which date it will be recommended that you can purchase foods without concern for Chodosh: Items using oats should be safe to purchase up to around July 15. Foods using wheat, other than noodles and pasta, are safe to purchase up to around Aug 1. Noodles and pasta are safe to purchase up to Aug 15. Barley products, other than items from barley malt, are safe to purchase up to Aug 15. Barley malt products, including beer should be safe to purchase up to Dec. 15.

Please note that Seattle’s Best Iced Coffee bearing the KD on the can is reliably certified by Rabbi Charlap

Original Kashkaval Sheep’s Cheese, Corfu Foods Inc., is not certified by the OU, and bears an unauthorized OU-D. The product is being withdrawn from the market. Consumers spotting this product are requested to contact the Orthodox Union

Please be aware that the Badatz Beit Yosef has removed its kosher supervision from HaShamen Grill in the Jerusalem Malcha Shopping Center.

Food items being distributed outside of Israel, primarily in France by the ‘U’ Company, is illegally using the OU kashrus insignia as one can see on the firm’s website ( As a result, one might purchase such items with the belief they enjoy a legitimate hechsher when in essence, they may not be kosher.

Kaftorei Chocolade – Chocolate Buttons being sold in Israel, manufactured by Aris Gida, Turkey, are illegally marked kosher under Rabbi Yaakov Westheim, Manchester, Badatz Igud HaRabbonim – special chalav yisrael run, chalav yisrael from the time of milking.

Non Certified Ice Cream being sold in Israel; with summer approaching, one must be aware of ice creams being sold that may not be kosher, or some selling ice cream and displaying a photocopies kosher certificate (which is not valid). Stores must have valid kosher certificates from the appropriate local Rabbinate, an original document, not a photocopy. Such businesses might be using chalav akum, and/or chalav akum powder. There may also be frozen fruits that present orla questions or possibly infested with insects. There may also be wafers that lack a hechsher.  An example is the popular Rechavia Mitudela Ice Cream Store (Aza and Mitudela Streets). This store displays a photocopy of a certificate for an ice cream company which has no bearing on the store. The photocopy also tells us nothing regarding cones, toppings, syrups and other items used.

The cRc website now has a listing of all cRc establishments and companies which declare that they sell Vegan & Gluten-Free products. Please visit

VegaDeli (Chesterfield, MO) in consultation with the Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis has decided to extend its kosher certification through the end of June, 2010. VegaDeli then will determine if it is beneficial to remain kosher certified depending upon the support it receives from the St. Louis Jewish community.

New Harvest Naturals Gluten Free Pound Cakes, Abe’s Place Gourmet Delicacies – Allentown, PA: Products previously certified by the OU are no longer certified by the OU. Products in packages that bear the OU certification symbol were produced under supervision and may be used.

Please be advised that that a limited amount of AMERICA’S CHOICE CHEESE, CINNAMON & APPLE DANISHES (4 PACK) were labeled as OK instead of OK-D. This product is actually dairy. New labels have been corrected.

In response to people’s inquiries, KAJ wishes to notify the public that KAJ does not certify any products manufactured or sold by Solash Challah Bakery.

The following products from Cinquina S.R.L – Lanciano, Italy mistakenly bear an unauthorized OU symbol and are not kosher: Artichokes, Bruschetta Topping, Pesto Genovese, Sundried Tomatoes, Capers, Capers with Stem. They are being withdrawn from the marketplace.

Packages of Barcelona Yogurt Trail Mix were labeled incorrectly with the Star-K symbol. This product is not STAR-K certified. Corrective action has been taken and a recall of the product has been initiated.

A limited amount of OU certified America’s Choice 26oz Hot Cocoa canisters inadvertently contain non-kosher marshmallows. Affected product is limited to those products bearing the date code BEST IF USED BY 05/04/11 MCA. Product with the code RCA is correctly labeled.  Consumers should contact their Rabbi to determine the status of utensils that have come in contact with the above product

Three cakes were sold from the Jewel Osco on Howard Street in Chicago that were mistakenly labeled Pareve. The brand name of the cake is La Romme and they had blue labels. The varieties were Cheese Crumb cake and Dolce de Leche. The cakes are under the Supervision of Rabbi Breslauer of Monsey and are Cholov Yisrael and Pas Yisrael.

For an important update regarding the recent AKO Whiskey alert please visit

SHATNEZ ALERTS; RUTY brand wool-knit sweater-jacket has shatnez. It contains linen in the plaid trimming. This sweater-jacket was sold at a Jewish store in Lakewood, NJ.

Shatnez was discovered in 100% linen, Golf lady’s (China) sweater. This sweater is currently sold in Golf chain stores in Eretz Yisroel. The embroidered flowers on the sweater are a wool blend. In truth every linen sweater must be tested because wool threads are frequently found in the seams!

A cotton sweater does not require testing unless it has attachments or trimmings. A lady’s Moth (China) sweater with a contents label listing 94% Cotton 6% Other Fibers, has two decorative flower pins. Though the upper pin was comprised of different fabric pieces, it was not shatnez. However, the lower pin’s black and white striped fabric was a linen blend, while the light blue yarn in the center of the flower was a wool blend. Even cotton and acrylic sweaters can contain shatnez in attachments, appliqués and trimmings. 

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Alerts are compiled from kashrus agencies’ websites;; Kashrus magazine; Kosher Information Bureau; Jerusalem Kosher News, Shatnez Laboratory; and from the Guide to Chodosh (Rabbi Yoseph Herman).