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Flatbush Shomrim Go On The Loose

Several people found themselves lost where to go, when they realized their cars were ransacked and GPS missing. Flatbush Shomrim received several complaints about cars being broken into. After a week long search the members of Flatbush Shomrim found success arresting eight individuals on three different occasions for GPS theft. The areas were on Avenue U & East 24th street,  Avenue P & 19th street, Avenue S & East 23rd street. In addition three people were also  caught this same week robbing teenage children in the vicinity of Avenue L & East 16th street. Late Friday afternoon Flatbush Shomrim received a call of an individual being robbed. Just several minutes later a second call came in with the same descriptions. After doing a canvass of the area a patrol member spotted the alleged perpetrators. Members notified 911 where several officers from the 70th precinct responded. After one of the victims made a positive id, were the perpetrators arrested. Other victims came forward and chose the same perpetrators out on a police line up. This closed several robbery reports in the area. Flatbush Shomrim would like tp remind residents that people get more desperate for money before the holiday seasons. Please be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Flatbush Shomrim 24 hour emergency hotline is 718-338-9797.

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(Shmuel Katz – YWN)

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