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12 Year-Old Bitten By Hippo At Ramat-Gan Safari

hippo.jpgA 12-year-old boy was lightly injured today after he was bitten in the hip by a hippo at the Ramat Gan Safari, according to Ynet.

The boy reportedly got out of his parents’ car to take a picture with the hippo, who immediately attacked him. He was taken to the Sheba Medical Center by MDA Medics – who told Ynet – that he was bitten three times in the hip and was fully conscious.

A Safari spokeswoman said “We hadn’t had such an incident at the Safari in 30 years. It is forbidden to leave the vehicle on the Safari’s grounds, and there are signs in all languages indicating this.”

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  1. I bet the signs were not in Brail as in the States. Had they been, the blind driver and pasengers, would never have let their child out of the car. Sounds like grounds for a law-suit to me. Besides, the signs probably say do not get out of your cars to feed the animals; It was not the child’s car and he was not feeding the animals (any food other than himself). If the signs did not clearly warn of the dangers of getting too close to the animals under any circumstances, then it is clear the zoo is to blame. In additions, the parents were probably acting on the advice of the school psychologist who told them not to restrict their child too much lest he become a child at risk.

  2. Most people are not aware that the Hippo is one of the deadliest animals and although it looks clumsy it can move quite fast and do terrible damage.
    This is indeed a big Miracle – Hashem’s kindness is endless.

  3. Ha, Ha, you sure bloggers it was not some ZIONIST plot?
    Safaris are fun, educational and interesting from behind the windows of your car. Family members went during chol hamoed and they said, the signs are there stating:: STAY IN YOUR CAR!

  4. I have been giving this much thought. I was not at all fair in my earlier comment. The blind parents probably did warn their child, stricken with a sever case of ADD or ADHD. However, the child is deaf. As to why he could not read the signs himself, many reasons could be suggested. WHO, BY THE WAY, was going to TAKE the picture?

  5. You know what I don’t understand about all these comments is. Its the complete lack of common sense of the writers. you don’t think people ignore signs. they do, all the time and guess what, when it does these are the stories we get.

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