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Chaifa Teen Indicted for Neo-Nazi Attacks

as4.jpgA 19-year-old resident has been indicted in connection with a series of neo-Nazi attacks in Chaifa last month. Tomer Ben-Simon is accused of assaulting a 77-year-old woman (reported HERE on YW) after first shouting, “Heil Hitler!” He is charged with attacking a second woman as well. Ben-Simon also burned a Sukkah belonging to a Shul, spray-painted swastikas on Seforim belonging to the Shul, and tossed them into the street (reported HERE on YW)

Arutz 7, is quoting police sources who say that the suspect is Jewish, and insist that he is not from the Former Soviet Union – as many of the arrested suspects in neo-Nazi attacks were.

(Source: Ynet / INN)

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  1. I think that his “yichus” needs to be checked. Either that, or he has some serious issues with his parents or other relatives

  2. In the first link in the above article there is a story about a 70 year old, not a 77 year old. Is this one and the same or two separate incidents?

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