PM Netanyahu Expected To Meet Amona Agreement Deadline


A number of months ago, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu signed an agreement with residents of Amona promising them a new community would be built for them in another location. This led to them leaving their homes in line with the High Court of Justice ruling amid the realization they would be given a new place to live, one that is not the subject of controversy. The deadline stipulated in the agreement is 31 March 2017.

During a press conference on Thursday 3 Nissan with a visiting dignitary, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated “I promised at the outset that we would build a new community. I believe that I first gave that promise back in December and we will uphold it today. In a few hours you will know all the details.”

This has led the expellees of Amona to believe that all has not be lost and a new community will be constructed for them. Since leaving their homes, the families have been living under extremely difficult conditions in a girl’s high school dormitory in Yishuv Ofra.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)