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Trump Becomes First Sitting President To Visit The Kosel [VIDEO & PHOTOS]

President Donald Trump has paid his respects at the Kosel.

Wearing a black Yarmulka, Trump walked slowly toward the Kosel and pressed his right hand flat against the stone for about 30 seconds. He then tucked a prayer note into a deep crevice. His wife and daughter Ivanka, visited the women’s section of the wall.

The site in Jerusalem’s Old City was at the center of a recent spat between the two allies following the U.S refusal to say it is part of Israel.

Trump is on his first visit to Israel as president.

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  1. Not surprising that President Trump the first sitting President to go to the Kosel, as he is the only US President who prays to G-d daily, as he mentioned in an interview. While the illegal-Kenyan-President-destroyer-of-America removed G-d from the Gettysburg address, wanted to remove “in G-d we trust” from all currency, “under G-d” from the Pledge of Allegiance and ban its use in all government buildings, President Trump signed an executive order for a National Day of Prayer!

  2. Stop the presses…..BREAKING NEWS…..(sadly, REAL news)
    A spokesman for the WH confirmed that Trump believes that the “Kosel is in Jerusalem” but on 3 separate occasions refused to acknowledge whether the “Kosel is in Israel”. So, if we are to understand this sugya correctly, there are definitely beans in the chulent and there is chulent warming on the blech but we have no basis to conclude whether there are beans cooking on the blech.

  3. Whereas I understand YWN policy allows pictures of women. May I request that pictures of the president’s wife and daughter be minimized. I am not interested in comments and discussion asking why, but I would appreciate others supporting my request. Thank you

  4. @rt its amazing- you think everyone else out there is so ‘clean’?? its not for you to decide whos being metameh what. lets not play G-d here

  5. I don’t know about all the other claims of the significance, or sinfulness, of this visit…but helloooo: he wore a BLACK YARMULKA! And, so did his daughter! Now, THAT’S a statement. Also the FLOTUS’s shoes. Very cute staement right there.

  6. To “Beginner”…

    Perhaps you have “issues” and we wish you well but Melania and Ivanka do NOT appear at all in the video of the President placing kvitlach in the kosel and only appear in 1 of 8 still photos in this article. In that one photo they are in the varbeshe section of the plaza and are dressed 100 percent tziniusdik. YWN does an outstanding job of vetting these photographs for the majority of its frum readers. Your issues are your issues but you will NOT find much support for changing such thoughtful editorial policies.

  7. Trump’s refusal to acknowledge that the Kosel is in Israel was taken from your Fake News; the same Fake News that had you ostriches fooled with the election polls, ha-ha-ha! President Trump is a G-d fearing person who loves Jews and was always a supporter of all of Israel, including the Kosel. Go tell your bobkess to your ostriches.

    rt, the Rabbenu Yona says, one who slanders and accuses innocent people no doubt slanders Hashem too.

  8. Disclaimer- I am not pro-obama or anti-trump. I’m just pro-truth and anti-ranting with nothing to back it up.


    1. What is your source that the “illegal kenyan” wanted to change our currency and pledge of allegiance ” ?

    2. See earlier comment re: meds

  9. Beginner: Growing up has nothing to do with lowering standards. As someone else stated, they are in one picture and they are dressed very modestly. If this arouses you, then you should never set foot outside the house. So, as I said before: GROW UP.

  10. Where in the photo or video is he placing kvitlach in the kosel….looks more like he is checking out the property for a new Trump Towers Western Wall condo development.
    On a more serous note, to those who find these staged photo op visits “reassuring” or somehow a measure of any politician’s commitment to EY, I’d be a bit more circumspect. He has said the “right words” on too many issues only to contradict himself in a tweet the next AM or sometime even deny he ever said what we heard.

  11. Arye need I tell you, Rabbenu Yonah is not in reference to goyim. He is a degenerate draft dodger and perhaps traitor, tbd.

  12. Rt, indeed it’s meant for Jews but a yerei Shamayim and one who generally refrains from lies would not lie or accuse falsely even non-Jews. Besides, labeling the President with derogatory descriptions which have no basis can be a chillul Hashem and lead to additional anti-Semitism. What do you think his family or others who read it would say about these false accusations coming from Jews? Lying must be something in you that you’re using it so often on innocent people. Even if you’re so bitter, you must work on yourself to stop lying. After all, midvar sheker tirchas, distance yourself from untruth, is a mitzvah in the Torah like not eating treif. And as the saying goes, a liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth, which is why intelligent people lost their trust in fakestream media.

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