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More Good-Will Gestures To PA Ahead Of Trump Visit: Bayit Yehudi Says No

On the eve of the first visit to Israel by President Donald Trump, the Security Cabinet voted to approve good-will measures for the PA (Palestinian Authority). All of the minister with the exception of Naftali Bennet and Ayelet Shaked (Bayit Yehudi) gave their approval for the move. It is reported all of the good-will measures are economic and civil and not security related.

The good -will measures increasing operating hours at the Allenby Crossing to Jordan, an increase in Palestinian construction in areas ‘C’, with the latter under total Israeli control, and additional industrial zones for the PA.

Bennet was particularly vocal in his objections to additional PA construction in areas ‘C’, which are under total Israeli control.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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