Eida Chareidis Calls For Major Protest Over Growing Chilul Shabbos


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The beis din of the Eida Chareidis is calling on its tzibur to participate in a major protest event scheduled for Thursday, 5 Tammuz to decry the growing Chilul Shabbos in Yerushalayim.

Under the banner “The Silence”, the Eida calls to come out and protest as there is growing Chilul Shabbos in Jerusalem while the tzibur remains silent. The pashkavilim for the protest are signed by Gavaad Eida Chareidis HaGaon HaRav Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss Shlita and fellow members of the beis din.

Additional details to be announced.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Is there anyone there that actually works for a living? All they do is protest, week after week.
    Best thing to do is to arrest the leaders of the Eida and charge them with incitement and treason.
    Enough is too much already. All these protests accomplish nothing.

  2. The banner is not “The Silence” rather “WILL WE BE SILENT?”.
    takahmamash the people that announce these protests against Chilul Shabbos are not the people that are beating up Chayalim

  3. Chaver Imagine the RElief and Simcha we would have if we saw such a Poster saying STOP THE VIOLENCE AGAINST CHAYALIM THAT COME TO OUR SHULS TO PRAY!

  4. Imagine f it said HANACHARISH? MISHUGAIM MIVAZIM CHAYALIM SHERAK ROTSIM LEHITPALEL LAHASHEM BBATEI KNESSIOT SHELANU! Shall We Be Silent? Crazy people are shaming soldiers that want to pray in our shuls

  5. Maybe someone can find something constructive for Rav Weiss and his Eidah followers to pursue. While they are entitled to “protest” whatever they want, they seem incapable of conducting peaceful protests that don’t deteriorate into violence and vandalism and disrupt the normal residents of Yerushalayim who simply want to get to work and go home without having the roads blocked or entrances to their places of business blocked and the streets covered with garbage thrown by the protesters.

  6. Godolhadorah if you were what your name
    implies you would not dare speak with such chutzpah! You know that Harav Hagaon Hatzadik Harav Tuvia Weiss never ordered violent protests! He cannot control hooligans. We all have to stand up for Shabbos. Many tragedies are caused by chilul Shabbos.

  7. Wow, according to those posting here, it sure seems like that notorious weekly from about 75 years ago was indeed correct: “The Chareidi Jews Are Our Misfortune.”
    This is the internet folks. Can you be sure no anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, whatever would ever see the stuff you all write against the Jews? If you are allowed to say such things, why can’t a goy say such things? No, THAT’S anti-Semitism. And what is published here is not?
    Some restraint on the part of both the website and the commenters would be a smart move.

  8. Boyswork many of them do work and the protests do work. If everyone would just sit quietly then there would be transportation on Shabbos all over Eretz Yisrael. If the Chilonim weren’t scared that frum Yidden will yell if stores open on Shabbos then they would all open stores. Protesting against autopsy also brought great results.
    Why do people think that those that beat up soldiers are doing so in the name of the Badat’z? The badat’z doesn’t say to beat up soldiers. For that matter they don’t say to beat up anyone!
    All Jews should thank the Badat’z for the work they do!! they are keeping Yiddishkeit strong!!

  9. To all commentators, i can see how much you care for SHABBOS KODESH, you only worry for the soldiers who only turn up into the areas where they know that they provoke violence, yes they’re entitled to do it, but c’mon, does common sense not prevail? though i do admire the TZAHAL inn general, but i very much wonder as to what any FRUM parent would do when they learn that their child had enrolled himself into the army, apart from sitting SHIVA,

  10. “To all commentators, i can see how much you care for SHABBOS KODESH,”

    The point is that all the protests don’t accomplish anything, except create animosity. The Chilonim become more spiteful in their Chillul Shabbat. But the Charedim don’t care about them nor their Chillul Shabbat. The Charedi only care about their own and don’t want the Chilonim bothering them.

  11. Chymee, I know several frum parents who did sit Shiva for children in the army who were killed defending the holy royal heileger yidden . Watch what you write. Hope you will never have to go through what these parents have.

    Mdg, how does a store open on Shabbat in a non religious neighborhood bother any frum person?