IDF Eliminates Senior Jihad Man, And 8 Other


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idf snipers.jpgEight Arab terrorists were eliminated on Thursday in three separate IDF & IAF strikes in the Gaza Strip. One of those killed was Islamic Jihad’s top military commander in central Gaza.

According to a Haaretz report, Mohammad Abu Murshud, who was in charge of manufacturing Kassam rockets and explosive devices, was assassinated along with two other militants in a missile strike late Thursday carried out in cooperation with the Shin Bet.

Terrorists fired at least 5 rockets at Israeli towns on Thursday, and approximately six mortar shells landed near at IDF positions along the Gaza security fence.


  1. Your last IDF story – great — but I think your use of “assassinated” is not the best term. “Executed” would be much preferred, since “assassinated” has a very negative slant, and this was a BIG MITZVAH!

  2. If every time it’s reported that they took out a “senior terrorist leader” it would be true none of their commanders would be left. Something’s wrong with this whole picture.

  3. #2: I totally agree that “assassination” has a nasty ring to it, but when you say “executed” I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside, like when someone donates a kidney to a complete stranger. It’s such a nice sweet word, without the awful connotations of “assassination” that maybe we should start a gemach to do “executions” more often. Or kidney transplants. But I personally lean toward “executions”. Or maybe we can just call it “involuntary cessation of neurological and respiratory activities”. That sounds like a great name for such a “BIG MITZVA”.