Monsey-Spring Valley Border May Get Affordable Housing Complex


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pineriver.jpgThe town of Ramapo is considering constructing an affordable housing complex and a park on eight acres near the Monsey-Spring Valley border, the Journal News reports.

Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence said today that the plan was preliminary, and the town had committed itself only to commissioning a survey. The property is at the end of Elm Street and Clayton Drive off Union Road.

It’s in a specially designated R-15 C zone, which permits three-family houses with accessory apartments.

(Source: Journal News / YW-782)


  1. theyenta – I know of litvish that live behind monseyglatt AND even if it is mostly Chassidim, don’t they have a right to live in Monsey also? is “your” world too small to have Litvish and Chassidim living in it?

    software4u: the losers in the last election are those that “wanted and got theirs” and now do not want anybody else to “get theirs”

    when I read these comments, I have too look to see if I am in the YW site or the journal news site.

  2. #4,
    Anything that is labeled ‘affordable’ means that the government is involved, and therefore enyone who feels they are discriminated against, has a place to got to to complain.

  3. I have no issue with Chassidim living with the Litvish, though the fact is, and i know of 2 cases, where the Litvish were told that they did not qualify and that there’s “nothing available anymore”.
    Hoffman and Horowitz have St. Lawrence in their back pocket – basic and known fact. The “low income housing” is meant for the Chassidim and them only, they have no interest in the Litvish being in their locals.

  4. mdlevine (#6),
    I don’t think that any litvish live behind monsey glatt anymore, but I may be wrong. I think its chasidim and a few sefardim.

    In general this affordable housing business is a scam basically. Horton/Bates was labeled as affordable housing until they got zoning. But now that its being built the prices are pretty steep. Something like $500,000 for a 3 or 4 bedroom townhouse.

    All this being said, I still disagree strongly with the Preserve Ramapo crowd who are a mixture of anti-semites, anti-chasidim and those who, as you expressed very well, “wanted and got theirs and now do not want anybody else to get theirs.” I just don’t think that these developments should be billed as affordable housing when they aren’t.

  5. charlie brown, not sure who the owners are, but there are some Litvish tenants. re: the new units, probably being bought to rent to others the same is my speculation of the widman court units.

    re: affordable housing —> The term affordable housing is an oxymoron.

    and… thanks for your support.

  6. PLAN B

    lets start moving all the heimishe yidden myself incl. towards wesley hills there are alot of alter frie yidden and alter goyim all moving to florida lets buy them out and make YESHIVA VILLAGE D’VESLEY HILLS AND EVERYTHING WILL BE BESEDER. We will live side by side with the chassidim in achdus and eventually we’ll mix (“sometimes seperation brings ahava”)and then moshiach will come Kol tuv Hatzlocha

  7. You have to realize the LAW states government-financed or supported housing is open to all- regardless of race, religion (Hasid, Orthodox or Reform) or sexual preference. If the housing is promised only to Hasids or Jews, you got a federal issue that not even RLIUPA can prevent.
    Several federal issues in Ramapo and Square

  8. charlie brown although i agree you on the preserve ramapo group

    i called the sellers at bates last and the information i have is that they sell 4 bedroom for appprox 450 so…..