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Feminist Group Requests To Remove Immunity From Rav Of The Kosel, Rabbi Rabinowitz

A feminist group called “Center for Women’s Justice (CWJ)” which allegedly is a break-away from Women of the Wall (WoW) organization have turned to the Jerusalem Magistrate Court requesting the removal of immunity from Rav of the Kosel and Holy Sites Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, to permit him to stand trial as a result of the security inspection that they are subjected to at the Kosel Plaza.

In their petition to the court, it was written, among other things: “The rav is responsible for the Kosel Heritage Foundation, which is responsible for securing the Kosel and financing the expenses of the ushers as well as setting the standards regarding entry to the Kosel.

They said “The petitioners were required to undergo a physical examination after having undergone a thorough security check.”

The petitioners quote the High Court of Justice ruling from the beginning of the year: “It is the responsibility of the rabbi in charge of the Kosel to prevent searches of women petitioners and the like, beyond the usual security check for all the people at the Kosel.”

They women however point out they have been subjected to additional physical inspections since that High Court ruling.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

7 Responses

  1. Women-of-the-Wall-nuts are just that, NUTS. They should be women behind a wall where they belong. They do not practice Judaism. Many of them are Reform. Reform is not Judaism.

  2. The purpose of the Wackos off the Wall is to bring down Torah observant Judaism from being considered Judaism in Israel.

    These heretics have a place next to the Kotel to do their teflah, yet, I have never once seen any one there. We know they care not for HaShem; they are only out to make trouble for the pious and observant Jews.

    May they rot in hell with Korach and his group.

  3. This is total nonsense! The Rav of the Kosel has no special immunity from anything. The only people who have any sort of immunity from prosecution are members of the Knesset. Furthermore, there is nothing illegal in what is being done to these foreign provocateurs. Their claims of being singled out for special scrutiny are totally false. Being foreigners and known provocateurs, they should be banned altogether from being in Israel.

  4. I harbor no more love for WOW than you do, but … Korach va’Adaso have a Chelek in Olam ha’Ba. Korach was a great person (Ayin Chaza”l) – I wouldn’t insult him be comparing WOW to him!

  5. Whatever their publicity seeking agenda, there are some WOW participants who truly believe their hashkafah is consistent with daas torah and they are acting in good faith. They should not be subject to unreasonable and invasive searches any more so then the men entering the Kosel plaza.

  6. @Gadolhadorah if men were suspected of entering the Kosel area in order to provoke by intentionally, publicly and openly going against halacha, I expect they would be subject to rigorous searches in a similar manner.

    The fact is that numerous times the women of this group have hidden Torah scrolls under their clothing and so a search is necessary. Incidentally, you can see what respect they have for the Torah by the fact that they’re willing to smuggle a Sefer Torah under their clothes!

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